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Largest network of professional drivers on a mobile app.

  • Sugar Land, Texas


$120k - $160k

Number of Shares: 90,226 - 120,302

Security Type:
Common Stock
35% discounted

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Investors: 0

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Who are we
PocketCab is a concentrated network of professional Taxi and Limo drivers. We provide solutions such as technology, marketing and support for drivers to improve revenues and quality of service.

Taxi and Limo companies for many years have provided the main form of transportation in for-hire markets. The two classes have peacefully competed with each other for a very long time but under heavy regulations. The recent entrance of new transportation concepts are disrupting and shaking up the long standing vehicle for hire companies. This has disbursed the drivers as they look for alternatives to keep consistent income to maintain overhead, innovate and provide for their lifestyle. 


We have created access to one network of the the most professional Taxi and Limo drivers in Houston. We provide technology to help drivers be more efficient and features for passenger retention. PocketCab has the potential to expand the globe; creating a global brand with marketing power to better serve drivers.

Achievement & Traction

PocketCab LLC is registered in the State of Texas and is currently 100 percent owned by SLT Holdings. SLT Holdings is 100 percent owned by EDS Investments LLC.

Drivers and Vehicles

423 drivers have registered with PocketCab. 292 have sent in the proper documentation and have been accepted. We have received documentation and have completed 177 vehicle registrations.

Passengers and Trips

Without marketing we have 498 registered passengers and over 1000 trip requests.


Houston Market


If you refer to the study and based on 6 years of personal experience, you can expect a driver to earn $200 a day on average. If there are 2480 Taxis in Houston @ $200 a day for 6 days a week is about $3mm a week in fares and $155mm in fares a year.

Limo – SUV and Sedans

There is an equal amount of Limos with no regulations on amount of vehicles there can be. We would assume there is an equal amount of fares $155mm. This is the area of potential for growth.


Uber recently claimed they have 5,000 drivers in their network in Houston. We know as of August last year YellowCab was down to 50 percent utilization. We believe there is a shift of market to Uber and Uber has made ground transportation popular potentially increasing the overall market to potentially 1.5 times the original market size. 


Current Alternatives

In Houston there are Uber and GetMe but are more focused on the “Sharing Economy". Closer related competitors would be TRIP and CURB which are products of the taxi dispatch equipment companies.

Our Advantages

Our closer competitors TRIP and CURB are struggling because their core business supports the taxi enterprises by supplying equipment. Our main advantage is making the first professional driver owned Network on an App by offering the drivers an opportunity to be shareholders combined with marketing and support.

Business Model

All sales are charged to passengers credit cards on file. PocketCab only takes 10 percent of Fares. A tip can be left for the driver in the app and will be added to the credit card charge. Credit card Fee is charged to the passenger.

While everyone else focuses on the part time "sharing economy" we are focused on the full-time professional driver.

We also want to be the first driver owned Network on an App.


Edmund D Samora, CEO

Jhon Alexander Diaz Rojas, Director of Technology

Max Boye , Operations Manager

Agron Syla, Operations Manager

Diana Drame, Operations Manager

Use of Funds

We have monthly recurring costs for servers, apps and the services associated with it. Phone

system with Ringcentral. As we take on more drivers and passengers all the technology services will naturally increase.

Hire Admin for support, marketing and management.

Payroll $20,000

Office and supplies $1,500

Advertising and Marketing $90,000

Legal and Professional Fees $8,000


$120k - $160k

Number of Shares: 90,226 - 120,302

Security Type:
Common Stock
35% discounted

Pledge Status:


Investors: 0

This offer was ended at 06/26/16


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