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Who are we

Yokal Sports is the first brand from Yokal Productions II Inc. Yokal Sports is a service for high school and college sports fans.  Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive combination of school / local sports highlights and statistics while executing in multiple Designated Marketing Areas (DMAs).


Local school sports are extremely difficult for traditional media companies to cover. The reasons being:

1) it costs a company more money to cover a game than they can earn from their current CPM based advertising models 

2) most local media companies have legacy assets and business models that are not transitioning to app based video platforms and 

3) can only cover in markets where they operate.

By using current technologies an innovative revenue model, Yokal Sports will cover school sports in multiple markets and become a low cost local video service for existing technology platforms and the app based television future.


We are taking advantage of the below changes to accomplish something that the existing companies can not do.

1. Technology – using contemporary technology we can cover sports in an innovative way that is not based on the past

2. Low costs – will operate at lower cost per market than any current television, newspaper or existing digital company

3. Scale – will eventually cover more DMAs than any existing company

4. Customers – Focused on creating enterprise and consumer customers

5. Strong demand with consistent audience – parents, students and school fans have a strong passion for this content

6. Large market – Very large market that is ripe for disruption

7. Verticals – Company focuses exclusively on sports vertical in the beginning

Additionally, our company is the first one that has ever tried covering school sports with the current technology and revenue model.  Student reporters will send us video in addition to having a budget for paid reporters in multiple markets.   By not focused on selling advertising but creating both enterprise and consumer customers .  

Achievement & Traction

Yokal Sports Significant Milestones include:

1. Generated revenue through one enterprise customer

2. Have 8-10 initial enterprise customers who have signaled an interest in video highlights

3. Produced over 87 different highlight packages

4. Currently have operated in 3 Designated Marketing Areas (Los Angeles, CA; Twin Cities, MN; and North New Jersey)

Next 12 Month Milestones are:

1. Increase per week / per month games that we cover and produce highlights for

2. Increase the number of DMAs we operate in – goal is to be at a minimum of 10 and hopefully more

3. Increase the enterprise customers and monthly revenues

4. Launch our direct to consumer app on Apple TV and other open platforms


The number of participants in high school sports increased for the 25th consecutive year in 2014-15 for a total of almost 7.8 million, according to the annual High School Athletics Participation Survey. Therefore, there are roughly 7.8 million students with 15.6 million parents for a total of 23.4 million initial people.

Secondary market includes alumni of schools and general local sports fans who care about the schools in the markets where you live.  


Every initial market has at least one newspaper, multiple television stations, regional sports networks, digital offerings such as blogs and mobile applications. Additionally, there are national sports brands like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, Bleacher Report, SB Nation and multiple sports blogs. 

Business Model

Yokal Sports will take advantage of three revenue models. We believe the best way to start is to create Enterprise Customers.

1) Enterprise Customers -- Our enterprise video solutions are for local media brands and technology platforms. Each of these companies need low cost local video that they will make money from. Our videos will help them become more local and give video packages that can provide revenue growth. We currently have 1 enterprise customer and are in active discussions with 8 - 10 other companies. We have a list of over 2,000 potential enterprise customers that we will eventually talk with. Facebook, Snapchat, SB Nation, L.A. Times Orange County Register, CBS TV Stations, Gannet, NJ Advanced Media

2) Consumer Customers -- Once we are operating in 10 DMAs Yokal Productions will introduce direct to consumer options that will allow for people to become Yokals. Our goal will be to have a net net of $2.50 per month per Yokal.   We will offer a comprehensive and unique package for local sports fans, athletes and parents.

3) Marketing Solutions --- After reaching 25 DMAs we will approach fortune 100 companies about our marketing solution packages. The packages will be designed to use school sports to make these companies seem active and positive in the communities we are operating in. Our marketing solutions will be designed for fortune 100 companies who want more than just pre-roll video advertisement bumpers.  These solutions will be designed to reach moms, dads and athletes and focused on large companies who want to use the passion of sports to make a connection. Eventually we will also add a self-service option for local business who will sponsor the individual school teams.


Christopher Pappas -- Founder / CEO

Eric Stormoen -- Co-founder / General Manager

Howard Bolter -- Chief Video Officer

Use of Funds

If Target Offering amount reaches total proceeds between $110,000 -  $1,000,000

Less: Offering Expenses (FP Fees) $7,700 $70,000

Net Proceeds $102,300 $930,000

Use of Net Proceeds

(A) Monthly Fee Per DMA $3,000

(B) General Editors $27,000 -- $220,000

(C) Yokal Sports Sports Reporter $14,000 -- $77,000

(D) Video Editors $14,000 -- $180,000

(E) Scholarships $12,000 -- $150,000

(F) Platforms & Products $10,000 -- $80,000

(G) Content Management $4,000 -- $50,000

(H) Travel $4,000 -- $40,000

(I) Insurance $3,000 -- $50,000

(J) Legal & Accounting $9,000 -- $70,000

(K). Additional Reserves $2,300 -- $5,000

Total Use of Net Proceeds $102,300 -- $930,000

Please see Offering Statement for complete desciption 


Christopher Pappas
Christopher Pappas12 months ago
The new truCrowd investment process is easy and simple to do. Everyone should buy some shares in the best RegCF offering available.
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About Company
Name Yokal Sports

Sectors Media & Creative Services

State of formation/incorporation California

Year of formation/incorporation 2016

Location Los Angeles, California
Main contact
  • Christopher Pappas

Executive Team
  • Christopher Pappas
  • Eric Stormoen
  • Howard Bolter

Board of Directors:
  • Dick Sommerstand
  • Christopher Pappas

Online Presence
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/YokalSports1

Linkedn page

Twitter page https://twitter.com/yokalsports

Google+ page


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Other Disclosures

Read the Form C filed with the SEC for other important disclosures, like financial statements, Directors, Officers, shareholders with more than 20% of voting rights, and more

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