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Who are we

Do you want to be an owner in a successful business that is already profitable, and is aggressively growing in a huge market with few competitors? Then invest in 4BiddenKnowledge TV, and join the movement! 


Available for streaming via Apple TV/App Store, Roku, Amazon, Google Play as well as directly from its website, 4BiddenKnowledge TV provides educational and informational content in the fields of ancient civilizations, esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, and inspiration. The Company currently has over 50,000 paying monthly subscribers.




The major streaming TV networks in the space such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all share or compete for 75% of the same content, which has left viewers with little to nothing new to experience and enjoy. As broadcasting has more and more moved towards streaming, 4BiddenKnowledge TV is in an excellent position to capitalize on the prevailing trend.



The Company's goal is to provide a global streaming TV app platform that caters to alternative conscious content. The Company aims to give its subscribers educational and entertaining content that will help increase their knowledge of themselves and the Universe. With its huge library containing about 75% of original content with the remaining content licensed, 4BiddenKnowledge TV is a breath of fresh air in a huge market that is poised to continue to grow and which yearns for new content. Unlike the competition, 4BiddenKnowledge offers insight from hundreds of hosts from all over the world and brings the viewer to ancient locations of mystery and spirituality. 4BiddenKnowledge TV host Billy Carson offers unparalleled wisdom to the viewer.





Achievement & Traction

Founded in 2017, 4BiddenKnowledge has been profitable since its first year in operation. Revenues have more than doubled since last year, and are projected to continue to aggressively grow. The Company currently has over 50,000 paying monthly subscribers, and over one million followers on its various social media channels.



The addressable market currently stands at $80B, and is poised to continue to grow at a steady rate given the continued shift from traditional TV viewership to online streaming. With its unique library of mostly original content, 4BiddenKnowledge is in an excellent position to gain considerable market share.



The main, and essentially only, competitor is GAIA TV. Although providing a similar solution, GAIA TV markets to a limited audience and does not provide enough diverse hosts on its shows. The statistics show that there is a huge market share that can be captured.


Business Model

In addition to monthly subscription fees for the online content, the Company also generates revenue from merchandise and book publishing sales, conferences and virtual workshops. For a more detailed discussion of the Company’s business model, please see the Form C filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which includes the Offering Statement and a Financial Review by an independent auditor. 




The Company is led by its enigmatic CEO and TV host, Billy Carson. Mr. Carson achieved a certification from MIT for Neuroscience. Billy Carson is an accomplished author with several bestsellers available on Amazon and many other places, TV host, sought-after speaker, and motivational speaker.


Use of Funds

The funds raised will be primarily used for talent acquisition, expansion of current recording facilities, content creation, and marketing and mobile/TV app development. For a more detailed discussion regarding the Use of Funds, please see the Offering Statement.




Billy Carson
Billy Carson7 months ago

4bidden Coin

We will be releasing the much-anticipated release of our exclusive crypto-currency, the "4bidden Coin" that is getting ready to drop any day now. We are going to be airdropping a few free 4bidden Coins to EVERY active subscriber of 4biddenknowledge Inc. as part of the release of our new coin. A few will get a larger portion of coins air dropped as well.


This year President of 4biddenknowledge Inc. Billy Carson has moved all of his workshops to TV platform FREE for all subscribers

NFT and Blockchain Master Class - February 27th 3-5pm Est.

Woke Doesn't Mean Broke - April 10th 3-5pm Est.

Billy Carson's 4bidden Book List - May 26th 7-9pm Est.

Top 20 Inventions by Black People - June 19th 3-5pm Est.

Top 50 Anomalies on Mars - July 17th 3-5pm Est.

Advanced Stock Options - August 21st 3-5pm Est.

Crypto Currency Master Class - November 6th 3-5pm Est.

Religion vs. Spirituality - December 11th 3-5pm Est.

FREE Manifest Destiny Retreat - January 7 & 8th, 2023


New Shows

We recently added two new shows to 4biddenknowledge TV. “UFO chronicles” by Richard Dolan and “Mysteries of the Gods” by Erich Von Daniken. These are both educational, docu-series style shows that will have new episodes dropping each month. “Decoders of Truth” with Jay Campbell, Billy Carson, Rex Bare, and Matthew LaCroix was filmed in January set to release in the next couple months along with “Mind over Matter”, a mental health show starring psychotherapist Nikki Speaks. We have twelve total 4biddenknowledge TV exclusive, professionally produced, TV shows scheduled to release this year. Postproduction of “The Black Knight Satellite” documentary is fully underway, with the release set for June 5th in Metro-Detroit.


Publishing Company

4biddenknowledge Inc is also a book publishing company. With two best-selling books out currently “Woke Doesn’t Mean Broke” and “Compendium of the Emerald Tablets” by Billy Carson, the company has since then signed two more book deals. Justin Carson recently released “Manifest Destiny Journal” available now on amazon and “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness” by Elisabeth Hoekstra is available for pre order on as well.


4bidden Club NFTs

The Pantheon of the Egyptian Gods is available NOW on Thoth is the first and rarest God available now. There are only 9,500 minted. We will be adding Osiris, Isis, Horus, Seth, EA Enki, Enlil, Amen Ra, Hathor, Anubis, and Ma’at to the pantheon soon!


Raffles, Contests, Giveaways

We will continue the Apple TV give-away as previously announced. Each month we will pick one subscriber at random, and they will win a free apple TV, just for being an active subscriber. Billy Carson’s previous rolls Royce ghost was raffled off to a lucky winner a couple weeks ago and be on the lookout for the next raffle which will be announced soon! The single parent electric bill link is available now on for those struggling who have a final notice electric bill to submit.


Social Media

Don’t forget to join us on our free social media platform, UniteThe99. This platform is not under the same censorship as other “mainstream” platforms, acting as a breath of fresh are for those who want to expand their knowledge and be part of a community that values the freedom and integrity of information.  Also, join our premier group in UniteThe99, Date Conscious - where conscious singles have a chance to meet, and fall in love!


Egypt Tour

We have added another bus to the 4bidden Egypt Tour this year so registration is still open. We have room for another 25 people. If you are interested please visit

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Patricia Odom-Andrews
Patricia Odom-Andrews - Investor2 days ago
This is Patricia Odom-Andrews again. While checking my email this morning, I see that I've received an email from Maria Cruz, containing information to make my payment via I completed the document in order to make the payment. However, at first I received a thank you for making my payment, but a few minutes later it changed to "We're sorry, an error occurred. The server returned a status 403: Token has already been used!" What does that mean? Would someone please get in touch with me and tell me how to resolve that problem. Thank you.
Patricia Odom-Andrews
Patricia Odom-Andrews - Investor6 days ago
My name is Patricia Odom-Andrews. August 28, 2022 I processed the application to invest in shares for $200 per share. Something went wrong with the transaction. emailed me to say they received a "transaction failed" message. I have no idea what happened because I have more than enough funds in my account to make the transaction. They told me that I could "submit payment via Check or Wire, or we can send you a link to attempt an ACH or Credit Card payment". I emailed them back stating that I could pay with debit or credit card. I never received the information with the instructions. I reached out to them more than once. I even called your office, as well as emailed your office but no return called, nor did I receive an email. Trucowd's lack of communication can be quite frustrating. It's not a professional way to do business, especially when it involves time sensitive matters. I would like to get instructions on how to make the investment for $200 per share as I originally applied for. Trucrowd dropped the ball by not getting back in touch with me before now. As a result, I feel that it is only just that I get what I applied for.
Kathleen Wilks
Kathleen Wilks - Issuer a week ago
I delete my certificate can you send another
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
We sent her a copy via email. 

6 days ago
DOMINIQUE HULEN - Investor7 days ago
Hello Billy, I love you man…. Of course I’m buying some shares. I just found out about you 3 weeks ago….. I’m soooo late, I actually think you are Thoth but hey, your secret is safe with me…. I saw it said we have 70 plus days left… Perfect, I will get a good amount, definitely not the minimum…. My question is do you offer dividends, if yes, cool…. If not, oh well, I’m with you to the top…. This is another Tesla, Google, Facebook, & whoever else came out hitting home runs, but better….. I’m with you Thoth, I mean Great Billy….. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Zakie Boykins
Zakie Boykins - Investor2 weeks ago
im new to this whole thing is there anyone i could talk to bout investments nand other things
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was sent a guide on how to invest via truCrowd. We also suggested checking our FAQs to know more about investing.

a week ago
Artice Upchurch
Artice Upchurch - Investor2 weeks ago
Hello I invested in the last round and I haven't received a letter response from my investment isn't there a letters of investment available
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
An investment certificate was sent via email.

a week ago
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado - Investor2 weeks ago
My father invested as of 8/18/22 and he's still stuck on the "invested commited". I invested a few weeks after him and I already received my confirmation email. What can my father do to get some help? Thank you
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
This investor was advised to send an email address associated with the investment so we can look into it.

a week ago
JAMEL BROCK - Investor2 weeks ago
Is there still time
Skylar Fielder
Skylar Fielder - Investor3 weeks ago
I received my shareholder agreement for my first investment. I put bought shares twice since then and never received my shareholder agreement for those two. Who do I contact about that?
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
She's a security holder. We sent her copies of her investment certificates via email.

2 weeks ago
Artice Upchurch
Artice Upchurch - Investor   
I never received my share holder agreement

2 weeks ago
Bacari Williams
Bacari Williams - Investor3 weeks ago
Hi Billy,

You know another great place to stream your channel from? 

Playstation Entertainment.

Please look into that. I personally watch more streaming channels via my PS4, I'm sure many others do as well.

I Know 4BKTV will be a perfect addition! 

Can't wait to see 4BKTV available on there!
Marcus Clark-Oliver
Marcus Clark-Oliver - Investor4 weeks ago
Hello, I made a $500 investment on 06/03/2022 and the funds cleared on 06/07/2022 but as of 09/07/2022 my truCrowd account does not show that I am invested. Can someone please explain why and make any correction if needed? Thank you!
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed that his payment failed. We have sent him a link to where he can update his payment information.

4 weeks ago
Marcus Clark-Oliver
Marcus Clark-Oliver - Investor   
Hello again. I believe there is mistake or an oversight because my payment of $501 did not fail. It was taken and cleared on 06/07/2022. I can send screenshots of my account. Now there was a different separate payment attempt of $504 that I stopped which you may be referring to that failed. But there is definitely a transaction where funds were taken from my account in the amount of $501. Please look into this further because I was planning to purchase more shares but not before I can get help to receive a confirmation of my investment or a refund. One again there was a $504 transaction cancelled by me and but the other transaction in the amount of $501 that was cleared and taken from my account but I have yet to receive confirmation of my investment. I responded to the email I was sent with this same information but there has been no reply so I am attempting via this site. Please help me to resolve this situation as it is preventing me from investing any further in the future. Thank you in advance.

3 weeks ago
Phillip Hardy
Phillip Hardy - Investor3 weeks ago
Peace Billy. I invested 1k on 8/31/2022. The money was taken out of my account but I have not received any verification email, and I have not received an update of any kind. On my Trucrowd the status still says, "processing transfer" but again, the funds were taken out a week ago. Thanks.
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed via email that payment is in escrow and he will be included in the next disbursement.

3 weeks ago
Gerald Hunter Jr
Gerald Hunter Jr - Investor4 weeks ago
Hello Mr. Carson,
I invested 249USD for 166 shares. The status indicates the funds cleared on 8/23/2022. When will I receive the investment certificate? Thanks.
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed via email that payment is in escrow and he will be included in the next disbursement.

3 weeks ago
Myriel Jordan
Myriel Jordan - Investor4 weeks ago
Hi, I was part of round 1 and invested 505 USD but I only got 337 shares. On the email confirmation it says: 
Your Investment: $505.50
You Own: 337 shares

Why do I not get 505 shares? Please clarify. Thank you!
Greg Barkley
Greg Barkley - Investor4 weeks ago
Hello Mr.Carson;
I invested 500 share on 8-20-22 funds cleared on 8-23-22 why haven't I received my certificate? Also I invested on 8/17/22 300 shares I've received my certificate but on the app it says I'm not invested?
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed that we had requested our technical team to update his investment status in his truCrowd's portfolio. Also, for his second investment, he was told that payment was in escrow and he would be included in the next disbursement.

4 weeks ago
Tyeika Booth
Tyeika Booth - Investor4 weeks ago
Hello I made an investment on August 30th and the money was drafted, however the website says processing transfer and it’s dated for August 30th. Checking the status.
Tyeika Booth
Tyeika Booth - Investor   
Please disregard question. I found my answer in the email that was sent.

4 weeks ago
Matthew Powdrill
Matthew Powdrill - Issuer 4 weeks ago
What's da update on when we moving to nasdaq
Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson - Issuer 4 weeks ago
How do I get paid?
Antwoine Adams
Antwoine Adams - Investora month ago
Was wondering when can I receive confirmation of my share purchase
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed that the payment was received by the escrow and it will be cleared by 9-12-2022.

4 weeks ago
Krystal Batts
Krystal Batts - Investor4 weeks ago
Why has Round 2 been extended instead of Round 3 having been started last week?
Dominique Blash
Dominique Blash - Investora month ago
Hello billy I love your content and I’m a huge fan. My question is can we look forward to any more extensions and I’d like to know why another extension was mad if I may. ( the high
Dr. Debra Jones
Dr. Debra Jones - Investora month ago
My name is Dr. Debra I signed up to invest on august 29, 2022 for $255 for 170 shares and completed the traction at 4:42p I took a screen shot of each page that I completed and I received a welcome to trucrowd, that's it and the funds are still in my bank account, can some one confirm this transaction??? I did use another e/m address debrarealestate I got screwed out of the first round and here I am again having the same NO confirmation there were numerous communication with trucrowd then and I got locked out of the first round please do not let this be the case here yet again.
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
She was informed that her investment was under the email address, nothing was found in We advised her to send in her payment by following the check mailing instructions provided.

a month ago
Blaine Burgstrom
Blaine Burgstrom - Investora month ago
I have made 2 investments into 4BK, one today, Aug. 30, 2022, and one back in June, 2022 or possibly in the first round of offerings(which l think is more likely).
Can you please send a reconfirmation of my previous investment as the confirmation seems to have disappeared.
I will be sure to print this time so that l can retain a hard copy, which is slways wise in these days of digital transactions.
Thank you
P.S. lt would be convenient if Trucrowd or 4BK would provide a menu option for investors to check on and review/confirm their prior investments.
This would also provide investors with a sense of trust, comfort and security.

Manna Samuka
Manna Samuka - Issuer    
Currently, I'm here to invest right this second, is the actual process to achieve this? Is there a live link to quickly accomplish this? Thanks

a month ago
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
A copy of his investment certificate was sent via email.

a month ago
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
An email with a guide on how to invest via truCrowd has been sent.

a month ago
Lakeysia Bailey
Lakeysia Bailey - Investora month ago
Hi, I made several orders. Due to miscommunication with myself and my bank, one did not go through last week. Will you retry? Don’t want to miss the deadline. Thanks!
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
A link to where she can update her payment information has been sent via email.

a month ago
Pablo Boada
Pablo Boada - Investora month ago
How can I invest if I live in Canada
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
A guide on how to invest via truCrowd has been sent.

a month ago
Pauli Törrönen
Pauli Törrönen - Investora month ago
I live in Finland and want to invest, do you know is that possible?
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
A guide on how to invest via truCrowd has been sent via email.

a month ago
Francine Guturrez
Francine Guturrez - Investora month ago
I mailed my check over a week ago and the status is still showing waiting..... no other information or anything has been sent to me. I have full faith in Billy Carson and the truth he is sharing with the world. I am thrilled to be part of it. Unusual question though.. has anyone else experienced anything out of the ordinary since becoming an investor? For example Alien visitation or anything supernatural?
Katrina Campbell
Katrina Campbell - Issuer a month ago
Hi Billy
I’ve sent emails and other forms of communication asking for direction on how to invest as a UK resident (this form seemed to only complete and be set up for US investors) but received no response. Can you reopen /extend the investment window opportunity and provide some guidance on this as I’d love to invest. Thank you!
Craig Tully
Craig Tully - Investora month ago
In reading the comments I see people asking or concerned about receiving something other than an email. Don’t we need to wait until Q1 of ‘23 before this actually becomes a stock? In order to have anything but an email. Apologies, this is my first real investment.
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed that a copy of his investment certificate will be sent once he becomes a security holder.

a month ago
Kenneth Willis
Kenneth Willis - Investora month ago
I purchased two sets of round June and July two stocks for the total of 666 shares I would like to know where are my receipts besides emails. I'm in the process of rounding this off to 1000 as of 8/26/22. Please confirm preferred email or letter to my address. Thanks in advance
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He's a security holder and was advised to get in contact with 4biddenknowledge Inc regarding his investments.

a month ago
Matthew Posa
Matthew Posa - Investora month ago
I purchased $249 in May. I still have not had an email with anything other than my name a amt invested. Nothing on 4biddenknowledge. When can I expect at least a receipt?
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
He was informed that the investment was submitted on 08/19/2022 and payment was received by the escrow. It will be cleared by 09/01/2022.

a month ago
Robert Wackett
Robert Wackett - Issuer a month ago
Can I invest with my credit card ? Any response would be much appreciated
Jaleel Cole
Jaleel Cole - Investora month ago
I made two investments. How do I look at both investments combined? Do I get a certificate for both? I invested $
Rocky Coates
Rocky Coates - Investora month ago
If I wanted to invest more how would I combine my investments ?
Corey Simpson
Corey Simpson - Investora month ago
Hi Billy, I'm looking to invest in 4bidden knowledge stocks from overseas in the uk, I've been told it will take 4 days. If the funds don't clear before 12am PST on 9/1/22 will the transfer/ transaction be void?
EUNICE MITCHELL - Investora month ago
Today is Aug 24th 2022 please tell me the cost for 4bidden stock. Thanks
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
She was informed that the 4BK price per share is $1.50 - referred to the website.

a month ago
Megan Steinfath
Megan Steinfath - Investor2 months ago
I’m interested in investing but I’ve got to be honest here…i know NOTHING about investing but i really believe in what Billy’s doing….when i read the comments of ppl being confused about there investments and the amount of ppl saying it didnt work and they’ve gotta do it again doesnt make me feel very confident tho….just saying.
Duane E Harris II
Duane E Harris II - Investor   
Hi Megan I want to invest to but I am nervous about it but I don't want to miss out but I am very skeptical quick question Megan after stating your comment did you invest yet?

a month ago
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
We sent her a guide on how to invest via truCrowd. Also, she was advised to make sure everything has been filled out correctly to avoid system errors. If she experiences issues while submitting an investment, just let us know so we can resolve them as quickly as possible.

a month ago
Jacinta Faasoo
Jacinta Faasoo - Investora month ago
Is this still open ?
Billy Carson
Billy Carson - Issuer    
She was informed that the offering is still open. Thanks.

a month ago
Pierre Barton
Pierre Barton - Investor2 months ago
Will it be a confirmation letter stating "I'm an official security holder"?
Lonnie Bradford
Lonnie Bradford - Issuer    

a month ago
Zaire Minner
Zaire Minner - Issuer 2 months ago
I invested back in June. I haven't received any information other that to say the money I invested would be put in an escrow. I'm wondering where the money went and how can I access my investments? Please Relpy!
Alex Wade
Alex Wade - Issuer    
its a scam... i made the mistake of investing.. money is gone

a month ago
David Pines
David Pines - Investora month ago
I have no checks-is a bank transfer equal to using atm /debit card????
Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor - Investor2 months ago
I’m not sure what the question is?can you explain what is a promoter?
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Read the Form C filed with the SEC for other important disclosures, like financial statements, Directors, Officers, shareholders with more than 20% of voting rights, and more.
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The Company may make Irregular Use of Proceeds. Such Irregular Use of Proceeds, which may be in material amounts in excess of $10,000, may include by way of example and not limitation: Vendor payments and salary made to management, business associates, relatives, related parties and/or affiliates thereof; expenses labeled "Administration Expenses" that are not strictly for administrative purposes; expenses labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; and expenses that are for the purposes of intercompany debt or back payments.

Without limiting the above, the Company may elect to vary from the proposed use of funds as circumstances or assessments of circumstances following the closing change.
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Moreover, we operate in a very competitive and rapidly changing environment, and new risks emerge from time to time. It is not possible to predict all risks, nor can we assess the impact of all factors on our business or the extent to which any factor, or combination of factors, may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements we may make. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this offering may not occur, and actual results could differ materially and adversely from those anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to revise or publically release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements, except as required by law. Given these risks and uncertainties, prospective investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.

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