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JPM Forex Inc.

A Unique Trading System Developer

Closed on 08/31/17


amount committed 

$100k - $1070k

funding goal 

Regulation CF

exemption used 


pre money valuation 


min investment 



Security Type
Common Stock
Voting Rights
$1 per Share
$500 Min. Investment
$10 Mil Valuation


Who are we

We are a startup company offering to the world of traders access to a high performing trading methodologies.   


Today's avg investor had no opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a startup company with demonstrative potential. In reality such opportunities have been prohibitive for over 80 years. These were limited to only accredited investors.


Our singular purpose is to utilize our unique and proprietary trading structures to build a successful company. As we progress we intend to create public trading status for our shareholders.

The potential of our success is clearly tied to our trading structures, performance and their ability to compounding capital rapidly.

Achievement & Traction

As a startup company our achievments and rewards are in front of us. Based upon our structure performance as demostrated in the collective2 account our rewards will be plentifull. To access the collective2 account click here.


Our market is all traders which include, institutions and individuals. As such it is a massive and ever growing market growing yearly.


Given our unique methodology our exclusive use of the Forex market only and our short only approach places us in a separate category from most competition.

Business Model

Revenues will be generated by subscripions, joint ventures and licensing agreements of our methodologies.


Current management is experienced in all aspects of trading as well as marketing expertise. Additional skilled people will be added as the company grows.

Use of Funds

Proceeds will be used prodominantly for marketing and further development of trading strategies. Additional funds will be used for salaries and overhead.


No updates, yet. Stay tuned.


Unfortunately, this securities offering is closed. For questions, please email Thanks!


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