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Ideal Conceal, Inc.

The best kind of gun is the one you have with you - Carry the Revolution!

Closed on 10/31/17
Minimum target reached (accepting oversubscriptions)



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Security Type
Common Shares
Voting Rights
$3 Per Share
$15 Mil Valuation
(Discounted 9%)

For investments up to $2,000 - pre order at last year pre-order level. ($395).

For $2,000 and more get 5% discount ($375).

For $5,000 and more get 10% discount ($355)

For $10,000 and more get one gun FREE.



Note: The Bonus has no relation to the equity investment offered and/or its value.


Who are we


 Ideal Conceal, Inc. is a custom pistol manufacturing company. We are the inventors and patent pending holders of the gun known as the “Cellphone Pistol”.


It is our mission to ensure that you have a dependable way to carry a concealed pistol to defend yourself with.


We are raising money to manufacture this game-changing weapon, and offering you the unique opportunity to own a piece of the company.


Join us, and carry the revolution!


Kirk Kjellberg

CEO, Ideal Conceal





In increasingly unpredictable times, where random violence and terrorism is on the rise, more people wish to be armed with a pistol they can easily carry to protect themselves and their families. The 2nd Amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms - to protect themselves and their families.


But safety is of the utmost importance. When you carry a gun, you need be able to carry it easily, know how to operate it, and not cause alarm or distraction by having a large, barely concealed weapon.


Off duty police officers, realtors, hospital employees and more have expressed a need for a discrete gun that can be concealed even when wearing summer clothing like shorts and a t-shirt.  

The solution is Ideal Conceal’s “Cellphone Pistol.”



The Cellphone Pistol folds up to resemble a smartphone - an ordinary item that everyone carries.





It’s a smart, safe alternative to the ordinary pistol and can be worn no matter how you dress. Light, tough, and more concealable than any other pistol on the market, only you will know that you have it with you. In its locked position it becomes virtually undetectable.


Hammer is hidden inside the pistol, makes it impossible to misfire by snagging the hammer on clothes or other objects.

This pistol also has a built in handle lock for safety when you're not carrying it.


Most threats occur in less than a 30 foot range. Ease and speed of deployment will mean the difference in the outcome. With the Ideal Conceal pistol, you can be quick on the draw, stopping a threat effectively and immediately.

Our pistol is a carefully engineered double barreled derringer.


The Stats

  • Light, poly wrapped spring steel frame
  • Simple, hassle-free design
  • High velocity .380 caliber for great stopping power
  • Hammerless firing system for ease of use and added safety
  • Includes hard sights for shooting accuracy
  • Approximately 3”x5” and ONLY 13 ounces

And of course, it’s easy to carry and easy to conceal.

The best part? The Cellphone Pistol is made in America with American parts by an American company!




How It Works

Using the Ideal Conceal Pistol is easy. Just remove it from it’s holster, release the safety to deploy the handle, and you’re ready to protect yourself and your family.



The hammer is hidden inside the pistol, making it impossible to misfire by snagging the hammer on clothes or other objects.

For safety at home this pistol also has a built in handle lock to prevent unauthorized use when you're not carrying it.




The right to bear arms is a uniquely American value, and millions of Americans exercise that right every year.


No other company makes a pistol like ours. Our patent-pending design provides concealment that surpasses any other gun on the market.

We will tap into the huge and growing audience of Americans that want a safe and hidden weapon for protection.

Achievement & Traction

Our pistol is already a viral phenomenon!

When a video of our idea hit the internet in April of 2016, the buzz around the Cellphone pistol  generated more than 1,000,000 Facebook visits, 500,000+ website views, 20,000 emails, 25,000 social media followers, and began a grassroots pre-order campaign that resulted in 750 pre-sales and signups from over 200 dealers to sell in their stores.









Ideal Conceal will sell the one-of-a-kind firearm directly to dealers nationwide and to partners globally. In the future, we plan to introduce additional calibers and models, opening up new revenue streams.



While the gun market is saturated with competition; however, Ideal Conceal is the first and only company to offer the unique Cellphone Pistol. This specialized pistol, optimized for concealment, with patent pending, making it impossible for our competitors to mimic our design.


Business Model


Ideal Conceal will sell the one-of-a-kind firearm directly to dealers nationwide and to partners globally. In the future, we plan to introduce additional calibers and models, opening up new revenue streams.



Our team has known each other for over 30 years and spent many of those years working together. We run a lean company and use outsourcing to fill in the gaps when necessary.


Kirk has spent his life selling, training, and public speaking. He has been in business for 30 years, creating companies and new technologies revolving around industrial microwave energy.  His experiences encompass management and operations sales, accounting, marketing and business law. Working for such notable companies as Waste Management and Dale Carnegie Training he has developed the skill sets necessary to lead our sales efforts and will be doing shows and setting up hands on shooting events.


Brian is a business manager and has the organizational skills to keep track of the many aspects of a growing business. In his previous position he handled well in excess of 2 million dollars in sales per year.  His experience with customer service and maintaining relationships with hundreds of customers make him uniquely suited for the position of President of Ideal Conceal.


Use of Funds


Why We’re Crowdfunding

We will sell the Cellphone Pistol via dealers in the USA and are already building relationships with hundreds dealers across the globe. We will also introduce other calibers and options in time, adding additional revenue streams.

Most small business rely on a slow but steady increase in customers. But we have a massive, worldwide market that is demanding the Cellphone Pistol. We need to build inventory ahead of time, so we can keep up with demand.

We will use the funds to:

  • Build infrastructure necessary to sell the pistol worldwide
  • Create thousands of pistols for inventory to keep up with additional orders
  • Develop the next generation of the pistol
  • Set up shooting events all across the USA
  • Attend all relevant trade shows





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Andrew Cowan
Andrew Cowan - Investora month ago
Are you going to answer the questions that Harry Marston posted? It does look odd.
Harry Marston
Harry Marston - Investor3 months ago

It seems that Ideal Conceal has some suspicious connections.

According to page 20 of Ideal Conceal's Form C and Offering Statement (PDF file), a man named Shmulik Yanny is involved with Ideal Conceal.

There is a man named Shmulik Yannay. Mr. Yannay is listed on as working for a company named Cornell Capital Partners.

Apparently, Cornell Capital Partners is the original name of this company. The company later changed its name to Yorkville Advisors. As Yorkville Advisors, the company was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with fraud in 2012.

As for Mr. Yannay, he was working for Yorkville Advisors as early as 2010.

I'm guessing that Mr. Yannay lists his employer as Cornell Capital Partners, in order to hide the fact that Mr. Yannay has spent at least 7 years working for a company that was charged with fraud.

So, is the Shmulik Yanny who is involved with Ideal Conceal, the same man as Shmulik Yannay of Yorkville Advisors? Does Ideal Conceal's Form C and Offering Statement intentionally misspell Yannay as Yanny, in order to prevent people from using a google search to discover Mr. Yannay's true background?

Another suspicious connection can be seen on page 7 of the Form C and Offering Statement. Apparently, a company called Yarn Investments, Ltd., holds 1,000,000 shares of Ideal Conceal. What is Yarn Investments, Ltd.? It's some mysterious company located on the British island of Jersey (in the English Channel).

So, who runs this company? Does this company have a website? Also, let's not forget that Jersey is famous for aiding and abetting tax evasion.

So, would Ideal Conceal please explain its connections to Shmulik Yannay and Yarn Investments?

Jeff Rohlena
Jeff Rohlena - Investor6 months ago
Has the firearm design been approved for sale by ATF?
Kirk Kjellberg
Kirk Kjellberg - Issuer    

Yes, we have the ATF approval. You can find the letter in the Documents section.

6 months ago
Dustin Barnes
Dustin Barnes - Investor6 months ago
What are my benefits for buying shares. What is my ROI?
R L - Investor   
Benefits for buying: 1) Discount on, or free, gun; 2) Warm fuzzies on helping to bring a concealed gun to market; 3) Ownership in the business.

The ROI on investment is highly dependent upon whether they can achieve their assumptions (marketing, demand, production, sales, etc.). I believe there is missing information in the Business Plan. Based upon the Business Plan, SEC Filing, etc., some added assumptions, and realizing of the assumptions, I estimate the Earnings Per Share in 2018/2019 of around 50 to 75 cents per share per year. Estimate a Price/Earnings multiple (10?), and that will get you a share price (assuming there is a market for the shares).

6 months ago
Roger Scholbe
Roger Scholbe - Investor7 months ago
What is the "$15 Mil Valuation (Discounted 9%)"?

If that is a discount for the Military, how do I prove that I am a Retired Military Veteran?
R L - Investor   
"$15 mil" is short for "$15 million", not military discount. If you read the valuation report, a weighted average, of the valuation models presented, values the company at $16.4 mil. So the "$15 mil" number shown is a 9% discount to the number in the valuation report. Note: If you read the SEC filing, the new investors are being offered up to 356,667 shares, with the current owners having 4,200,000 shares.

6 months ago


About Company
Name Ideal Conceal, Inc.

Sectors Manufacturing

State of formation/incorporation Minnesota

Year of formation/incorporation 2015

Location Monticello, Minnesota
Main contact
  • Kirk Kjellberg
  • CEO

Executive Team
  • Brian Kinn
  • Kirk Kjellberg
  • CEO

Board of Directors:
  • Kirk Kjellberg
  • CEO
  • Brian Kinn

Online Presence
Facebook page

Linkedn page

Twitter page

Google+ page


Business Plan Development View Download
Start-up Valuation View Download

Other Disclosures

Read the Form C filed with the SEC for other important disclosures, like financial statements, Directors, Officers, shareholders with more than 20% of voting rights, and more

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