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Immersive global travel and exquisite experiences; Trouvaille ~ a lucky find, for you!


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Who are we

Trouvaille is a small group travel hosting company that is driven to develop an authentic, vibrant travel community of people who don't simply travel to live, but live to travel! We curate, conduct, and host all of our trips and events to give people immersive travel experiences that open their eyes, hearts, and minds to the wonders and beauty of our world.


Through this type of connectedness in our travels, we are fostering a travel community and loyalty that will grow and demonstrate that Trouvaille isn't simply about taking customers on trips, but helping people travel to live a better life. 


Trouvaille ~ We are a lucky travel find, for you!







The primary challenges that Trouvaille will address in the small-group segment of the travel industry is to provide a full-service travel-hosting company that fosters a sense of community among our traveling customers while simultaneously offering diverse, unique, and exceptional travel experiences in the U.S. and around the world.


Travel companies today still treat people as customers with a short-term mentality, rather than fostering long-term engagement in the context of a community, personal service, and a desire to help people fulfill a lifetime's worth of travel. Rather than just creating trips and offering them to the public, Trouvaille is working to develop genuine engagement with novice and experienced travelers alike by offering travel-themed memberships and rewards programs with high-value discounts and benefits, online travel forums and podcasts to directly engage and educate the traveling public, providing unique participation-based incentives, and a commitment to responsive and personalized customer service throughout all Trouvaille travels. 


We solve our business challenges by being the central hub for local and global travel experiences that, in its totality, will not be rivalled by our competition. Achieving this lofty goal involves:


  1. Creating, curating, and conducting Trouvaille trips to bring people to destinations in the U.S. and around the world.
  2. Offering unique and specialized trip itineraries that are custom-designed to provide travelers with personal, immersive, and impactful experiences with the peoples, cultures, and environments of the locations where they travel. It's all about impactful travel that makes the difference. 
  3. Conducting local day trips at our two locations (New York and Arizona) to engage local travelers with fun and thematic experiences to explore the local areas. 
  4. Establishing partnering relationships with other travel companies and business where we travel. The former will broaden our reach to additional travel destinations and build our travel network of companies and contacts. The latter will emphasize playing our part in the economic development of the areas where Trouvaille travels.

Providing superior customer experiences will occur through our interactive website, promoting our travel community through membership choices and benefits, engaging people locally at Trouvaille social events, hosting a vibrant online travel forum, offering monthly videocasts/podcasts to help people learn about select countries and regions of the world, offering financial pathways and incentives to encourage people to travel, and going the extra mile to help customers achieve their travel goals and dreams. 


Achievement & Traction

The Trouvaille Team is working tirelessly to fulfill its primary objective to become the preeminent experiential travel solution in the world! As of March 1, 2018, Trouvaille has achieved the following:

  1. Since forming in February 2017, Trouvaille has developed its mission, focus, and niche in the travel industry.
  2. Trouvaille developed its first local business relationship in New York City with a concierge service to devise, conduct, and lead day-trip experiences for apartment residents in Manhattan. Trouvaille hosted three day trips in October 2017: two to apple orchards in Upstate New York and one to the Storm King Art Center. Additional trips for Spring 2018 and later are in development. 
  3. Trouvaille has internally developed a range of trips in the U.S. and abroad. In the U.S., Trouvaille has developed experiences to South Florida, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Napa Valley, California. Abroad, Trouvaille offers immersive experiences to the Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland, Isle of Man, France, Portugal, Italy, and Vietnam. Additional trips to destinations such as Cuba, additional Caribbean islands, and England are in development. 
  4. Trouvaille has partnered with businesses such as A Toast to Travel, St. Lucia A1 Tours & Taxi, the Little Wine Bus, and others to extend our travel reach and to investigate and develop unique travel offerings. Building relationships and a vibrant travel network is all a part of what Trouvaille seeks to accomplish. 
  5. Trouvaille has an East Coast U.S. headquarters in New York, New York, and a West Coast U.S. headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. Social events are held at both locations to engage travelers and to build brand awareness. In Tucson, Trouvaille leads a vibrant Meetup group of more than 245 members, conducts monthly socials, and will be begin airing radio ads in March 2018. In New York, Trouvaille continues to reach out to concierge and event groups to develop tailored travel opportunities for local residents. 
  6. Trouvaille is active on social media and is working to develop a regular presence to build brand awareness and generate business. Trouvaille currently has an active and developing presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. 





The demographic market segments that Trouvaille is prioritizing includes: 1) the active (and notably female) senior travelers (40-70 years old), 2) the upscale traveler + family, and 3) the younger Millennial traveler seeking greater off-the-beaten-path experiences. 


From initial advertising that Trouvaille has conducted through Daily Star (see below) and Facebook, we have significant data that shows Trouvaille strongly appeals to the active senior traveler demographic. 


More broadly, and based on data from the National Travel and Tourism Office, U.S. citizen travel out of the country increased by 8% in 2016 and shows continued robustness. In addition, top destinations in the U.S. include New York, Hawaii, Napa Valley, and South Beach. Couple these data with generally high interest in experiential travel, we can tap into this concern by providing unique trips, responsive customer support, value-added services, and assistance that will ensure that Trouvaille Travelers receive the highest quality experiences and service in the industry.



The travel industry includes competitors that focus on experiential travel, all-inclusive travel, global travel, or any combination of these components. Our direct competitors include those companies that perform all three activities in a coordinated manner. Examples of these companies include Ker & Downey (, Backroads (, GeoEx (, and G Adventures ( These companies have somewhat different areas of focus and prices, which include the types of travel experiences that they offer (group trips, custom trips, epic hikes, luxury travel, etc.), but all of them offer experiences aroudn the world and to a large number of sites.


Trouvaille is unique from these companies by offering local day trip experiences, by creating trip itineraries that truly are unique and different compared to the competition, while also devising unique travel incentives and promotions to attract travelers to the Trouvaille brand. 

Business Model

Trouvaille will generate revenue from the following:


  1. Day and weekend trips in New York and Arizona.
  2. Trouvaille trips in the U.S. and abroad that are custom-designed, promoted, and conducted.
  3. Trouvaille referral trips in partnership with other travel companies (e.g., A Toast to Travel: 
  4. Trouvaille PassPort memberships that promote and incentivize participation through signfiicant travel discounts and benefits.
  5. Trouvaille merchandise.

The synergy of the day trips and larger trips is important as the day trips will generate consistent revenue throughout the year as compared to the shorter-term revenue peaks that occur from individual trip income. However, the trip income is forecast to be a larger overall share of revenue than our day trips. As time progresses, Trouvaille's larger trips will also occur regularly and become an increasingly larger share of revenue.


The core approach behind our business model is the scalability of the experiences that we offer in terms of the number of different trips that occur annually and the number of trips for the same location that occur annually. The current calendar year of 2018 is Trouvaille's foundational year where we are focusing on four travel experiences, as well as the local events in New York and Arizona, that will allow the company to increase its brand awareness, reach, and operational maturity. In each subseqeunt year through 2022, Trouvaille will scale up rapidly with the goal of doubling revenues each year, which we will accomplish by increasing the number and variety of trip choices annually. This, along with the robust conduct of day trips in Arizona and New York, will aide in reaching our revenue goals. Marketing and selling PassPort memberships is also an important part of our revenue goals as attracting people to large discounts in travels will both provide Trouvaille with important operational funding while providing travelers with significant discounts. 



Paul S. Hardersen, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Founding Partner. Dr. Hardersen is an experienced traveler who has spanned the globe through the course of his life thus far. Whether it be throughout the U.S., the ~35 trips to Hawaii, or internationally to a variety of European countries (England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Romania), the Middle East (Israel, Jordan), Asia (Singapore), Mexico, and the Caribbean, Dr. Hardersen has the travel savvy and business sense to lead Trouvaille. With additional careers in science and education, and now travel, Dr. Hardersen is combining all three areas to best leverage Trouvaille's focus, activities, and growth. As a university professor, Dr. Hardersen earned a university-level professional teaching award lin 2013 from the University of North Dakota. He is also an active planetary scientist whom regularly publishes world-class scientific research with an emphasis on main-belt asteroids, their compositions, and the information they can tell us about the early solar system. Dr. Hardersen is also a well-known foodie with a foodie trademark and blog (Astrofoodie) who will also soon contribute his entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm to the development of a casual, upscale lobster restaurant and franchise concept.


Jazmin Jourdain, Founding Partner. Ms. Jourdain currently serves as Vice President, Director & Registered Representative for New York asset manager Baron Capital, Inc. Ms. Jourdain is responsible for shareholder services, branding, corporate projects, and large-scale events. Her business and travel experiences are extensive and are helping Trouvaille forge forward with its development and operational strategies. She is also a board member of Aspira of New York, The Dream Project, and has been very involved with GMHC of New York, The Felix, Global Giving, and the Helping Hands Foundation. World travel has been her education and passion since her formative high school years. Born and raised in the South Bronx, she attended The Bronx High School Science, was selected for the prestigious position of U.S. Youth Ambassador, and has traveled extensively to locales such as Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kurdistan. She has subsequently traveled extensively and she now contributes her expertise to Trouvaille.


Connor Cervantes, Partner. Mr. Cervantes is our newest Partner based on his already extensive travel experiences around the world. Residing in Tucson, Mr. Cervantes has visited and lived in more than 20 countries, has an academic and professional background in marketing, and has personal contacts in countries around the world that assist Trouvaille in offering trips that give personal, in-depth, and immersive experiences. Mr. Cervantes assists in overall company promotion, leads the development and conduct of several Trouvaille trips, and assists in the conduct of socials and day trips in Arizona.


Manish Khatri, Brand Ambassador. Mr. Khatri lives in Houston, Texas, and works for the NASA Johnson Space Center. Mr. Khatri has an engineering background, is also an avid traveler and photographer, and is primarily responsible for creating and editing audio and video material for use in Trouvaille podcasts and promotional material. 


Sarah Nolan-Hardersen, Volunteer. Mrs. Nolan-Hardersen originates from England, has lived much of her life in New Zealand and Australia, and emigrated to the U.S. in 2016. Her background is primarily in public health, community programs, and sustainable development. She assists Trouvaille by assisting in the development of company policies, graphic arts design, and blogging.




Use of Funds

Trouvaille will utilize investor funding for targeted activities that will foster the rapid growth of Trouvaille. These activities include:


  1. Traditional media/online marketing. For example, Trouvaille will begin radio advertising through Tucson radio station KNST AM790 to significantly increase and promote Trouvaille brand awareness and recognition in the Tucson metropolitan market. Also, targeted online advertising through, the Arizona Daily Star, and other area media will promote Trouvaille as much as possible. A supplement to these activities will be focused advertising efforts through Trouvaille's social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.
  2. Development of several high-quality and impactful promotional videos that will assist in promoting and developing the Trouvaille brand online through multiple platforms. 
  3. Airfare using a United PassPlus account for staff travel and as promotional giveaways.
  4. High-quality print promotional material and displays for use at large-scale events across the U.S.
  5. Payroll to allow the company to accomplish the above tasks, to devote more time and energy to company development and promotion, and to position Trouvaille for rapid growth in 2019.




Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Hello everyone -- I have two updates for you today. First, I am happy to report that Trouvaille will be approved for membership in the Better Business Bureau very soon.

Second, we have a video for our upcoming November weekend getaway to Napa Valley here for you to view:

Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Hi everyone ~ Enjoy our new presentation that highlights our upcoming Caribbean experiences in 2018 and 2019!


Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Hi everyone! 62 days and counting until our south Caribbean sail! Trouvaille has four cabins booked and we are working to fill the other five before our departure. This is the kind of fun everyone should experience! Join us!

Learn more:


Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Hi everyone ~ Please become a Trouvaille investor, become a part of the Trouvaille family, and help us meet our funding goal of $107,000 by August 1, 2018! We are working hard developing a global company with a local and global focus ~ all designed to both help people travel better and to help more people experience the wonders and fun of travel.

Visit our website at:


Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Trouvaille is counting down the time to our south Caribbean sail -- 63 days and counting! We still have five cabins available, so click, learn, book, and join the Trouvialle gang for an island-hopping adventure from St. Lucia to Grenada!

Go online here:

Questions? Write to us at


Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Trouvaille has just finalized our epic travel experience to Namibia in June 2019 and we are developing a New Year 2019 music or dance themed trip to Cuba. Stay tuned for details!

Learn about our Africa trip here:


Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen4 weeks ago

Hello everyone -- We have a new presentation about Trouvaille, our company, our philosophy on travel, and how we are working to make travel better for everyone.

Go online here:


Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen2 months ago

Trouvaille is currently expanding its local operations in Tucson, Arizona, and is now offering weekly day trips to area wineries and the Kitt Peak National Observatory. We will continue to develop the local area to serve both businesses and individuals. 

Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen2 months ago

In late April 2018, Trouvaille curated and conducted another successful day trip in New ork City at the New York Botanical Garden for a group of 26 people. This day trip was conducted for residents associated with LIV Unlimited.

Paul Hardersen
Paul Hardersen2 months ago

Trouvaille is expanding its trip portfolio and now includes travel experiences to England, Rarotonga, Africa, and more! In addition, we are moving to make our experiences all-inclusive, or nearly so, as we are now including airfare in the purchase price. See our website at for details.

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