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Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions, Inc.

Investing In Our Future.

Closed on 08/01/18



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Who are we


At Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions we believe that we all have a responsibility to create a safer, cleaner, and healthier planet for ourselves and our grandchildren. This is why Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (KSS) brings together a small yet powerful team of doctors, scientists, and environmental experts who share this vision.  Together we've developed a unique range of eco-friendly products designed for air purification, odor removal, water purification, sustainable health and beauty, sustainable food production, waste recycling, and sustainable energy generation solutions!


KSS works with nature's own minerals to produce a large array of environmentally sustainable products for a variety of vast and growing markets.


Within the depth of the KSS team experience is success in business including the fields of finance, sales, marketing, production, and distribution worldwide. We aim to grow our business not only with the products we manufacture but by merging with other companies that have similar philosophies, aims and goals, and are complimentary to our vision. The overall goal for KSS is to not only build and sell our products worldwide and solve people's problems across the globe, but to also successfully expand our business rapidly and sustainably to add shareholder value for the longer term investors.



Ever felt like dry retching when hopping into a hot car with the baked smell of baby vomit or dog urine?

Whether that smell is from pets, urine, smoke, skunks, or other odors absorbed into clothes and carpets, we can eliminate it, naturally!


Ever have a smell in your home which you want completely eliminated as quickly as possible and not just by masking with perfumes? Ever renovated a home and had that fresh paint or glue smell that won't leave? That rental apartment where someone smoked? Or had 10 cats and one kitty litter box? Pee-eww!!! We can permanently and safely eliminate them all.


Odors are airborne volatile compounds which can be captured and encapsulated by a negatively charged mineral. By absorbing the volatile compounds, the odor can be completely removed naturally.



The same economical, sustainable minerals that we use for odor elimination can also be used in a wide range of other solutions such as facials and body scrubs, fertilizers, animal feed, sporting goods products, and emergency trauma medical purposes. These markets are very large and very diverse and the KSS team has in-depth experience with them all.



Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions will use business strategies and manufacturing activities to protect, sustain, and enhance the natural resources that will be needed in our future.  Through this methodology, KSS will manufacture and sell products across many markets offering a vast amount of solutions on many levels.


The general foundation to all KSS products is within the natural make-up of our mined minerals.


Our Minerals




We have a range of proprietary formulas, utilizing our range of beautiful, natural minerals, which we mine and use to manufacture and produce many different products in a variety of markets. Our blends of natural minerals for odor removal, health and beauty, and even animal feed and fertilizers will be packaged in-house, ready for our world-wide distribution network.



The health and beauty industry is highly competitive, but with the true organic and natural benefits of our products, we will have the competitive edge. The minerals are not only high in fulvic and humic acids, but have the encapsulation aspects which detoxify and remove the heavy metals from your body. These products have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are so relaxing to use. Just add to a warm and relaxing bath and feel the stress just melt away after a busy day. Great for spas and massage therapists or for the person who wants to relax and have these soothing comforts within their own home.


And for natural odor elimination, this is our powder formula. The consumer just sprinkles it directly to carpets or other smelly areas and leaves it to sit for 24 hours. Run a vacuum over it and the negatively charged properties of the minerals have pulled the volatile smelly compounds out of the air and fabric, leaving a clean, fresh smelling room or car. These products do not mask the odors, but rather removes them completely and naturally.


Achievement & Traction

KSS directors have been involved in the sustainable products industry for decades. Our team has extensive experience in growing new businesses from small startups into large and successful enterprises. Bringing together our experiences and knowledge is key to the projected success of KSS.


George won the Australian Banksia Environmental Award for Recycling (Australia's highest environmental awards), way back in 1992, whilst he was the CEO of Australian Recycling Technologies. He developed one of the most unique methods of recycling post-consumer waste plastic by mixing it all together and producing lumbar and concrete replacement products. George also started up a worm farm, which was one of the first examples of crowd-funding in Australia, has grown to be the largest producers of worms in Australia.


Mike developed one of America's largest and most sustainable Aquaponics businesses in the mid 2000's. He then went on to run the publicly listed company Golden Moore in Canada. Mike led Golden Moore into becoming one of Canada's most successful exporters of beauty and health products, selling to over 22,000 spa's worldwide.


Our team of consultants has over a hundred years of combined experience in environmental and sustainable industries. Together, we can tackle many of the problems that are destroying our environment and our health. From simple, but annoying problems like foul odors in our homes and cars, to more complex problems of food production that preserves and enhances our world rather than degrading and polluting our soils, water, and air.




The potential markets are HUGE and are quickly growing! Here are just some examples:

  • For starters, the sustainable packaged goods market alone was valued at $201.6 billion in 2014 and projected at $303.6 billion by 2020 - a projected CAGR growth of 7.17% from 2015 to 2020!
  • Odor removal is a large market in its own right, boasting $30 million in annual sales in the USA alone. We are initially targeting 10% of the US market through big retail chains and independent stores.
  • Sales of Scotts Miracle-Gro's organic products have been growing by 15% to 20% a year, compared to conventional lawn-products sales which grew by only 5% per annum. Miracle-Gro estimates the total organic lawn and garden market at $400 million, with fertilizers at $60 million.
  • The animal feed and fertilizer markets are also huge, with conservative estimates ranging from $13.1 billion to $24.1 billion p.a. in North America alone. The dollar value of imported fertilizer to the United States increased 466% between 2002 and 2011, more than three times the rate of domestic fertilizer during the same period. 



With such a wide array of products in many sectors from household goods, cleaning and aromatic, health and beauty, and sustainable solutions, makes this very difficult to narrow the competition down to a few. As we will compete against many which offer one product or a few but none have the full line up of selection and sectors we cover with our formulas, applications, and usages.


Miracle-Gro does carry a fertilizer which is more expensive than ours but they do not have the products for the odor removal, or the health and beauty product lines. The sales of Miracle-Gro for fertilizer in the USA alone is a 13.1 billion dollar industry.


Biocide is a competitor for the odor removal sector, but they do not do the fertilizer or the health and beauty. The projected sales in the USA alone for the odor removal is a 61 billion dollar industry in the USA by 2020. This includes the laundry detergent, pet care, and household odor removal products.


There are several common threads that stand out across the various definitions of wellness. Wellness is multi-dimensional, holistic, changes over time and along a continuum, and is most importantly individual, but also influenced by the environment and community. The next trillion dollar industry globally, the Health & Wellness market space, is dominated mostly by beauty and anti-aging product sales at $679 billion, followed by fitness and mind + body exercise ($390 billion) and health eating, nutrition and weight loss sales ($277 billion).


Other product sales that complete the Health & Wellness market are complementary and alternative medicines, wellness tourism, spas, medical tourism and workplace wellness. In the United States alone, women invest $125 billion against their nutrition, $40 billion against alternative medicine and $25 billion against OTC drugs.


Now imagine having the ability to have products in each of these sectors for marketing. The smallest percentage with national exposure and chains and box stores. We already have these contacts and abilities to place our products in these stores.

Business Model


We have a two fold strategy to becoming a profitable company.


Our first strategy is to continue to develop products in the sustainable market that honestly solve people's problems. We already have a range of natural odor control products, natural health and beauty products, and natural animal feed and plant fertilizer products. Our marketing strategy is multi-pronged, including wholesaling to big box stores, retailing through our extensive networks of direct sellers and international marketing through online channels including Amazon Global.


Our second strategy for profitable growth is through acquisitions and mergers. We already have several memorandums of agreement in place with companies that have similar goals and visions to ours. We are experts in seeking out and negotiating favorable deals with companies holding unique or niche markets and technologies.



Mike Schieck (CEO)

Mike has decades of experience in the aquaculture industry - the science of fish farming. Fish farming is a highly skilled activity with fish growth being vitally dependent on good water quality and the deployment of quick and effective decision techniques in this dynamic and rather challenging industry. Mike was instrumental in building one of the USA's largest aquaculture facilities utilizing a floor space of over 800,000 square feet. Mike has also run a publicly listed company in Canada called Golden Moore. When Mike took over control of this company as its CEO, he grew its customer base by over 300% in just 4 years. Golden Moore quickly became one of Canada's largest exporters of natural health and beauty products. 


George Mingin (Chairman)

George is one of the world’s leading experts in vermiculture - the science and technology of working with worms. George has grown his startup business, Kookaburra Worm Farms, into Australia's largest suppliers of worms. George has also been the CEO and owner of Australian Recycling Technologies, winners of Australia's most prestigious environmental award, the Banksia Award for Recycling. George designed and developed a world first system to recycle mixed post consumer waste plastics and create innovative lumbar and concrete replacement products. George is an innovator and designer at heart and will be in charge of the innovation team within Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions.


Barry Reifman

Barry started out in the pet business in 1970 buying his first pet store in Simi Valley, CA, after an honorable discharge from the US Navy. He moved to Arizona in 1980 and in 1992 opened his 2nd pet shop with his wife JoAnne. After not being able to find odor eliminators that actually worked, he decided to find a product that was all natural and effective. In 1994, his ideas came to fruition, and he started No Stink, Inc. the originator of the ODORZOUT brand and product lines. After sending samples to Linda Cobb, "The Queen of Clean," she started promoting the products on TV, the radio, and inside her #1 best selling books. She still today continues to talk about and promote the products. Barry continues to supply OdorZout products in such outlets as  Amazon, Ace Hardware, and coming soon to


Dr. David Tomlinson (Scientific Advisor BA BSc (Hons 1) PhD CChem MRACI MAGI MAIFST)

Dr. David Tomlinson is a separations specialist who has had involvement in & exposure to zeolite for over 18 years. He has obtained patents for 2 specifications based on zeolite & has another in the International phase for a novel & different filter design with which to add to particle filtration a new set of treatment options for fluids, ie gases, volatiles & liquids. Currently he is working on zeolite+ products, especially those where a small addition results in a disproportionate change in performance, or where a second material can be embedded into the porous honeycomb.


Simon Fisher (B.BUS FNTAA)

Simon has been a leading provider of Accounting and Business Development services through his own practice, for over 30 years in Australia, the USA, and Asia. Of particular interest is the development of Business Plans for new age technology and green field companies, and was instrumental in the preparation of the Plan for a water technology company NASDAQ listing in the USA in 2001. Simon's reputation and connections have expanded globally, and he is regularly sought out by corporate executives not only from within Australia, but from Asia, currently advising a HK based group expanding its global operations throughout Asia and the Pacific region in the fields of Aquaculture and Water technology.


We are very fortunate to have had a business association with Simon for nearly 30 years and to have him accept our offer as Financial Advisor in the development of the KSS business model.

Use of Funds

We will be using the Crowdfunding funds for the following:

1) Legal costs for the Crowdfunding, the establishment of the filings to be done for future Regulation A+ filings, and the legal agreement for the purchase of the company assets of one of our competitors.

2) Purchase assets of OdorZout and all their contracts with retail outlets nationally in the USA.

3) Online marketing to include development of a professional website, Facebook market place, social networking, and online marketing campaign.

4) Purchase inventory, equipment, and transportation to manufacture the products in house and distribute from our facility.

5) Rental of a facility for manufacturing our product line and prepare for wholesalers to buy direct

6) Development of a business model to take this company into the Public Domain.




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