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Who are we

Eazl is a Digital School with More than 100k Alumni


🎓The Digital Degree™ is a revolutionary undergraduate business degree program that enables anyone to earn an undergraduate business degree issued on the Ethereum blockchain for $500.

⛓️ The Digital Degree is being developed by by Eazl, an online education company that has served more than 100,000 students around the world and Picture Show Films, an Emmy-winning television studio.

💰We will be able to build the Digital Degree™ program faster and better with your help. When you buy shares in Eazl, you're making a real investment, not a donation. Our goal is to make you a minimum of 20x return on your investment. Eazl's previous round of investors was repaid and became profitable in early 2018.



Today, the #1 source of work-related stress is the loss of jobs to new technologies. Imagine what students without an undergraduate degree must be feeling as they read about AI replacing jobs by the thousands. Today, people need affordable and accessible higher education more than ever but the cost of college is skyrocketing. In 2013, Eazl started working on problems like this. Because the existing American college system leaves many students in debt and unable to find a job, Eazl created what is now the world’s bestselling online career course for recent graduates. Now, along with Picture Show Films, Eazl is launching the Digital Degree™ a revolutionary undergraduate degree program that enables students to earn business degrees issued on the Ethereum blockchain for $500.



The Cost of College is Skyrocketing



Rising Cost of CollegeWe need affordable, accessible, effective higher education solutions now more than ever. However, the cost of college is skyrocketing. In 1979, someone could pay for a year’s worth of college tuition by working a part-time, minimum wage job over the summer. Today, it takes a student almost 1,000 minimum-wage working hours to pay for that same tuition (before paying for books, rent, and everything else). 


Meet Mariana (pictured right). She works two jobs--one of them at a coffee shop near Eazl’s offices and another at Dunkin' Donuts. Mariana is friendly and she works hard. Today, it is impossible for Mariana to earn a degree. She’s looked into it, and even with scholarships she’ll owe $16,000 per year at the most affordable university she can find. Without personal credit or sufficient student loans, the dream of a degree is impossible for her. You can watch a short interview that we did with Mariana here.


Photo of MarianaSo let’s take a trip to the future. If Mariana doesn’t ever earn a degree, she’s likely to be stuck in low-wage work, to have a lower sense of self-worth, and to have a difficult time making a living in the new economy.


But what if Mariana is able to earn her degree? The statistics say she will:

  • live 9 years longer
  • have 75% higher wages and earn $2.7 million more over the course of her life
  • be 20% less likely to have major health problems
  • increase her chances of having a life-long marriage by 20%
  • be 40% less likely to interact with the criminal justice system



The Digital Degree is the Most Affordable Degree in the World


The Digital Degree™ is a collection of 50 fun, interactive, video-based learning experiences that collectively offer students a well-rounded undergraduate business education. These courses cover topics like statistics, humanities, life sciences, economics, reading, and writing. Every Digital Degree™ student’s experience includes:

Digital Degree Credential Quote

  • Blockchain Degrees: Each Digital Degree™ is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. That means that employers or any other person or organization can verify a student’s degree using a unique blockchain-generated ID forever. It also enables our team to add rich data layers to a student's credential.
  • Dedicated Mentorship: Students will be graded and receive feedback from a dedicated mentor throughout their learning experience. This enables them to receive personalized guidance as they complete their degree.
  • Lifetime Access: Students have lifetime access to their courses. Each Digital Degree™ course includes bite-sized lectures, interviews with experts and practitioners, and practice activities. Many of these learning experiences also include templates, step-by-step guides, and sample collections. So, if a graduate needs to re-visit their statistics work in 12 years, they can go back to their class, take the lectures they needs, and apply it at work.
  • Building Relevant Skills and a Work Portfolio: In order to earn credit, each student must complete work projects related to each course taken. To make these work projects relevant to the modern world, Eazl has built the Eazl Employability Team, a group of professionals who help calibrate these projects so that students get take relevant skills into their careers.
  • Learning from a Network of Experts: Because students are learning in a video-based environment, they’re able to learn from experts and practitioners with diverse backgrounds, geographies, and worldviews in each course rather than one single professor. This gives students a variety of viewpoints rather than that of a single person.
  • Becoming Digital Natives: Students work with and collaborate through essential cloud-based tools tools like the Google Apps for Work and social media platforms.
  • Engaging Learning Experiences: Eazl has won awards for outstanding production quality. This focus on making the learning experiences attract and retain student’s attention has resulted in a 70% increase in engagement with students (see Bálint's review below).

Digital Degree Credential Quote


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do employers hire candidates with alternative credentials? Yes. In a 2017 study, 84% of recruiters surveyed said that candidates with alternative degrees were “just as prepared” or “more prepared” for jobs than grads with traditional degrees (source:
  2. Is the Digital Degree™ accredited? No, and we do not plan to seek accreditation with traditional college accreditation boards anytime soon. However, we do plan to develop the Digital Degree™ in alignment with the standards set by the California Postsecondary Education Commission and to seek accreditation in the future if it does not require us to raise prices substantially.
  3. Who are the ideal Digital Degree™ students? The Digital Degree™ is for students who: (1) do not have access to government student loan programs (e.g. DACA recipients) (2) are financially independent and looking for career advancement (3) want to combine a general business degree with specialized credentials like EdX’s MicroMasters® Programs


Achievement & Traction

Eazl Has a Proven Track Record of Success


Here are some of Eazl and the Digital Degree™ Team's Achievements:

  • Eazl has launched the bestselling career management course in the history of the online learning industry (35,000+ alumni worldwide) and the bestselling growth hacking course in the history of the online learning industry (30,000+ alumni worldwide).
  • Eazl has won the award for innovations in the online education industry 4 times and's top 5% of instructors award.
  • Picture Show Films has won two Emmys (one for this documentary that aired on PBS), has developed films for companies like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Allstate, and Target, and educational films for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Eazl successfully repaid seed-round investors in early 2018. Now those investors are making money on their investments (see an email from one of our investors below). 

Eazl Investors Repaid in 2018


Our Goal is to Earn Every Investor in this Round a 20x Return (Minimum)

Buying shares in Eazl is a good investment that does good. Our goal is to return a minimum of 20x on the investment you make in Eazl. Here's how that might work:

Imagine that there are 10,000 students graduating with Digital Degrees™ each year, Eazl’s other courses are doing great, and you were one of the first owners of Eazl. Let’s also say that a larger company offers $60 million to buy Eazl. If this happens, they might buy all the shares, including yours. Here’s how that could work:

(# of Shares You Own / Total # of Project Shares) * 60,000,000 = Your Share of the Buyout


Eazl's Projected Revenues and EBITDA


If Eazl was to sell all of the shares in this Issuance and build the Digital Degree™ using that money, the total number of shares issued in Meg Media Inc. will be 67,879. If you buy 40 shares in Eazl, your share of the buyout would look like this:

(40 / 67,879) * 60,000,000 = $35,357 cash for you from the buyout 


Note that the above figures are only projections. Nobody from Eazl, the Digital Degree™ team, or from TruCrowd can guarantee any results for you if you buy shares in Eazl. Losing 100% of your investment is a real possibility.



Eazl is Changing Higher Education through Innovation


There's a Booming Market for New Approaches to Higher Education

The Market for Undergraduate Education in the US is Projected to be $579 Billion by 2026

Eazl -- Projected Size of US Undergraduate Market

The above figures are taken from the National Center for Education Statistics and place the average cost of an undergraduate degree at $30,000.


Note that the Digital Degree™ program will be available to any student on the planet with access to the Internet, so the total size of our potential market is much larger still.


Total Enrollments in US Colleges Have Started Declining, but Digital Enrollments are ClimbingEazl -- Demand for Digital Course Offerings is Growing

These figures were published by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education using data from the US Department of Education. 


Most Students Feel They Learn More through Digital Learning Experiences

Eazl -- Student Preferences in Education

This research, published by the Babson Survey Research Group, show that digital instruction has become the most powerful method of teaching students.


Putting these pieces of information together, we know that:

  1. The market for undergraduate degrees is enormous and growing
  2. Tuition and fees at traditional colleges have skyrocketed, causing students to look for alternatives
  3. A growing number of students prefer to learn digitally

Digital undergraduate degree alternatives clearly have a big role to play in the future of undergraduate higher education. Knowing that the average graduate spends $30,000 on their undergraduate degree, imagine how strong the demand for a program that revolutionizes the undergraduate degree experience and costs a student a total of $500!



Eazl Prepares Students for a Rapidly Changing Future


The ultimate measure of a higher education organization is whether its alumni succeed in both work and life. That's why we measure the Digital Degree™ to competing offerings based on enabling alumni to find employment and helping them become well-rounded people. In our "competitve arena," we see a few players:

  • Traditional Colleges
  • Coding Bootcamps
  • Technical Certificates
  • Self-education

Eazl Digital Degree Competitive Map

You'll quickly see that the Digital Degree™ beats every alternative on affordability other than self-education, but the more affordable option isn't lower quality in this case. Furthermore, we see the Digtal Degree™ as a compliment, not a replacement, to many of these educational alternatives. For example, we are already working to establish partnerships with coding bootcamps and alternative master's degree programs like the EdX MicroMasters®.


Business Model

Eazl's Business Model is Already Working


How does Eazl make money? Eazl makes money by selling access to a catalog of more than 20 courses, many of them bestsellers (like this one), through a variety of distributors. These distributors include,, and Udemy for Business. Each time someone enrolls in one of Eazl's courses, they get lifetime access to the course in exchange for payment. Most people pay around $10 to get access to an individual Eazl course.

How does Eazl's Digital Degree™ make money? Each time a student enrolls in the Digital Degree™ program, they get lifetime access to their undergraduate degree coursework, feedback on each of their work projects, and the ability to apply for a blockchain-issued degree for $500. If students would like additional support, they can pay extra for that.


You can see Eazl's projected growth through 2023 below or access the full financial forecast here:

Eazl Projections through 2023



Eazl's Business Model is Already Working


The Project is being built through a collaboration of two successful media companies: Eazl and Picture Show Films. You can watch short interviews with some of the Digital Degree's founding team:


Eazl is a Bestselling Publisher in the e-Learning Industry

Eazl Logo 300 Pixels Wide Eazl was created in 2013 when the Company's founders decided to convert their frustration with college career services into action. The two founders had observed countless students struggling with writing resumes, scoping career plans, and presenting themselves to employers. All this as large student debts started coming due. To help solve this problem, Eazl decided to create an online course that leveraged the experiences of Davis Jones, a founding team member who was a former Fortune 500 recruiter in San Francisco.


The online course they made, called Career Hacking, took a new, fun approach to online education and became a smash hit. Today, it’s the best-selling career management course in the history of the online education industry. Noticing the success of Career Hacking, the Eazl team was approached to make courses on in-demand topics by Udemy, the world’s leading distributor of online courses. Between 2014 and 2018, Eazl’s courses attracted more than 100,000 students in 122 countries.


Picture Show Films is an Emmy Award Winning Production Company Based in Chicago

Picture Show Films Emmy 400 px TallPicture Show Films is an award-winning production studio based in Chicago. The Emmy Award pictured left was awarded for Newton Minow: An American Story, a documentary that originally aired on PBS in 2016. The studio has produced features for PBS, ESPN, and other news outlets. You can see a recent video that Picture Show created for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry right here.


In 2016, Eazl and Picture Show films began collaborating to create video-based learning experiences, some of which have gone on to be bestselling courses on 


For the Digital Degree™ Project, Picture Show Films will serve as executive producers who bring experience managing the creation large media projects. Additionally, Picture Show will contribute their ability to schedule, film, and edit interviews with high-profile thinkers and public figures. By bringing these skills to the creation Digital Degree™ learning experiences, students will be immersed into an educational experience that includes a broad range of view points, taking what's possible in educational content to an entirely new level.


Use of Funds

Be Part of Reinventing Higher Education



When you buy shares in Eazl, nearly 100% of the proceeds from your investment will go into developing the Digital Degree™ program faster and better. Specifically, into:

  • Hiring staff to help our production team take Eazl's animations to a whole new level
  • Hiring producers to arrange interviews with well-known experts located across the world so that we can deliver diverse perspectives to Digital Degree™ students

Here's a breakdown of how Eazl intends to use the proceeds from this offering (below are estimates):


Eazl Use of 2018 Issuance Proceeds




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Without limiting the above, the Company may elect to vary from the proposed use of funds as circumstances or assessments of circumstances following the closing change.

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