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When you purchase any amount of Eazl shares you'll receive 25 bonus EazlCoins™ that you can use to get access to Eazl's courses or share them with friends or co-workers.


Who are we

Welcome to the Eazl Investor Portal


Eazl is an online business school that is currently serving 150,000 students in 193 countries around the world. Eazl's courseware is also used at organizations like Tesla, Harvard, IBM, the World Bank, PayPal, and Lyft. We're raising money to expand what we offer so that we can help reform a broken college system.


Q: How did Eazl get started?


A: Eazl was launched in 2013 when two of the company's founders were upset with how unprepared for the job market they were upon graduation from college. To help solve this problem, they built what is now the world’s bestselling online career course for recent graduates. Following the success of this course, they were approached by many companies looking for high-quality digital educational programs. To date, Eazl has built 14 digital learning programs on various business topics that have been taken by more than 150,000 students globally.



Decline of Traditional College Degrees


Rising Cost of CollegeIt's pretty clear that we need to re-think how college works. In 1979, someone could pay for a year’s worth of college tuition by working 179 hours at a minimum wage job over the summer. Today, it takes a student almost 1,000 minimum-wage working hours to pay for that same tuition (before paying for books, rent, and everything else). 


...but we know that going to college has clear benefits for students. The statistics say that people who earn a college degree will:

  • live 9 years longer
  • have 75% higher wages and earn $2.7 million more over the course of their lives
  • be 20% less likely to have major health problems
  • increase their chances of having a life-long marriage by 20%
  • be 40% less likely to interact with the criminal justice system

You can watch a video Eazl made about the increasingly important role of college in the modern economy right here.



Eazl is developing an entirely new approach to higher education--one that includes: 

  • Free Tuition: Eazl and our existing shareholder community believe that access to high-quality educaitonal tools should be free. So, the model we're developing enables anyone with an Internet connection to become an Eazl student for free. Students only pay when they get feedback on the work they produce. 
  • Project-based Learning: In order to earn credit for courses taken, student complete projects related to their course. This means that students can show employers evidence of their skills. This benefits both students and employers.
  • Access to Experts in the Field: Each course features at least one expert practitioner who relays real-life scenarios to students as they learn. This makes topics more interesting than the traditional "textbook approach."
  • Digital Skills: Students learn by using tools like online public databases, Google Docs and Sheets, and other Internet-based productivity tools. This means that students leave equipped with the know-how to participate in the modern digital economy. 
  • Animated Courseware: Eazl has won awards for outstanding production quality. Each digital learning experience we create is designed to attract and retain attention. Eazl's courseware has been shown to be up to 70% more engaging that our competitors based on minutes watched per enrollment.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do employers hire people with credentials from non-traditional programs? Yes. In a 2017 study, 84% of recruiters surveyed said that candidates with alternative credentials were “just as prepared” or “more prepared” for jobs than grads with traditional degrees (source:
  2. Who is the ideal Eazl student? Eazl typically serves students who are over the age of 25, who prefer to learn online, who need flexibility regarding where and when they learn (for example, people with jobs or families), and who feel like paying $35,000+ for a college degree is a bad deal.


Achievement & Traction

Eazl Has a Proven Track Record of Success


Here are some of our achievements:

  • Eazl has launched the bestselling career management course in the history of the online learning industry (35,000+ alumni worldwide) and the bestselling growth hacking course in the history of the online learning industry (30,000+ alumni worldwide).
  • Eazl has won the award for innovations in the online education industry 4 times and's top 5% of instructors award.
  • Picture Show Films has won two Emmys (one for this documentary that aired on PBS), has developed films for companies like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Allstate, and Target, and educational films for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Eazl successfully repaid seed-round investors in early 2018. Now those investors are making money on their investments (see an email from one of our investors below). 

Eazl Investors Repaid in 2018



Eazl is Changing Higher Education through Innovation


There's a Booming Market for New Approaches to Higher Education

We project that the total global market for affordable online college degree programs is around 76 million students and $2.68 billion each year. 


Eazl -- Projected Size of Market



This chart will show you that the only area of growth in college enrollments is online:

Eazl -- Demand for Digital Course Offerings is Growing

These figures were published by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education using data from the US Department of Education. 



This research shows you that most students prefer learning digitally:


Eazl -- Student Preferences in Education

This research, published by the Babson Survey Research Group, show that digital instruction has become the most powerful method of teaching students.



Eazl is Changing Higher Education


In Eazl's "competitve arena," we see a few players:

  • Traditional Colleges
  • Coding Bootcamps
  • Technical Certificates
  • Self-education


With respect to traditional colleges, enrollment has dropped for 7 consecutive years. Recently, the higher education journal Inside Higher Ed reported: "This spring the [National Student Clearinghouse Research Center] found a decline of more than 275,000 students, or 1.8 percent, compared to the previous spring. The decrease marks the seventh straight year when fewer students attended college in the U.S." Despite the decline in enrollments, tuition keeps increasing. Eazl does not feel like traditional universities are a significant competitor for the kinds of programs Eazl offers.


With respect to non-traditional forms of higher education, Eazl works to compliment, not replace many of these programs (for example, coding bootcamps, technical certificate programs, and "MicroMasters" programs).


Business Model

Eazl's Business Model is Already Working


How does this new educational model make money? Eazl makes money when students request feedback on the projects they do in their courses. This means that students can invest in the areas of learning they see as most useful and improve the quality of their work projects before they show them to employers.  



You can see Eazl's projected growth through 2023 below or access the full financial forecast here:


Eazl Projections through 2023



Eazl's Business Model is Already Working


The Project is being built through a collaboration of two successful media companies: Eazl and Picture Show Films. You can watch short interviews with some of the Digital Degree's founding team:


Eazl is a Bestselling Publisher in the e-Learning Industry

Eazl Logo 300 Pixels Wide Eazl was created in 2013 when the Company's founders decided to convert their frustration with college career services into action. The two founders had observed countless students struggling with writing resumes, scoping career plans, and presenting themselves to employers. All this as large student debts started coming due. To help solve this problem, Eazl decided to create an online course that leveraged the experiences of Davis Jones, a founding team member who was a former Fortune 500 recruiter in San Francisco.


The online course they made, called Career Hacking, took a new, fun approach to online education and became a smash hit. Today, it’s the best-selling career management course in the history of the online education industry. Noticing the success of Career Hacking, the Eazl team was approached to make courses on in-demand topics by Udemy, the world’s leading distributor of online courses. Between 2014 and 2018, Eazl’s courses attracted more than 100,000 students in 122 countries.


Picture Show Films is an Emmy Award Winning Production Company Based in Chicago

Picture Show Films Emmy 400 px TallPicture Show Films is an award-winning production studio based in Chicago. The Emmy Award pictured left was awarded for Newton Minow: An American Story, a documentary that originally aired on PBS in 2016. The studio has produced features for PBS, ESPN, and other news outlets. You can see a recent video that Picture Show created for the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry right here.


In 2016, Eazl and Picture Show films began collaborating to create video-based learning experiences, some of which have gone on to be bestselling courses on 


For the Digital Degree™ Project, Picture Show Films will serve as executive producers who bring experience managing the creation large media projects. Additionally, Picture Show will contribute their ability to schedule, film, and edit interviews with high-profile thinkers and public figures. By bringing these skills to the creation Digital Degree™ learning experiences, students will be immersed into an educational experience that includes a broad range of view points, taking what's possible in educational content to an entirely new level.


Use of Funds

Eazl is Reimagining Higher Education



When you buy shares in Eazl, you're investing in the disruption of higher education. Specifically, your investment dollars will go towards:

  • Accelerating the roll-out of Eazl's college alternative programs
  • Enabling more future students to learn that there are alternaties to traditional colleges
  • Helping Eazl develop the ability to provide mentorship to large volumes of students

Here's a breakdown of how Eazl intends to use the proceeds from this offering (below are estimates):


Eazl Use of 2018 Issuance Proceeds



No updates, yet. Stay tuned.


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David Denkhaus
David Denkhaus - Investor4 months ago
Why are there only 14 courses available?
Davis Jones
Davis Jones - Issuer    
Hi David. Though Eazl is already a popular destination for online educational programs, we have not started to release courses for the Digital Degree yet. More will come in that area in the coming months.

3 months ago


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