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BlaqClouds Inc

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BCDS - BlaqClouds Inc Investment Offer

BlaqClouds Inc Presents - SafeStreets & OpenCommunities

Get Ready for the

of public Social Networks

Our PRIVATE SaaS Social technologies provides solutions for millions of users looking for
a new place to call their online home


BlaqClouds Inc


We are a software development company with offices in Los Angeles and Cebu in the Philippines.

For three decades, we have been designing and developing software solutions in a wide variety of vertical markets.
BlaqClouds Inc is a public listed company in the USA registered on the OTC Markets.

Our stock symbol is BCDS, which you can search on all financial stock website.

Introduction Video

BlaqClouds - SafeStreets - Deskreach

Watch our investors video

We created an 8 minute summary of who we are, our technologies and some other interesting facts any investor would want to know before making and decisions.  We have a full 30 minute pre-launch video available on our website that shows much more details of our technologies.

Our 3 Main Platforms

BlaqClouds has developed a host of technologies that support our main three platforms.  For more information on our other technologies, click this button below.

SafeStreets Online

SafeStreets Online is our own PRIVATE SOCIAL PLATFORM we we can create residential community groups offering 24/7 security support and a friendly online portal to bring communities together.

Open Communities

We provide our users with their own PRIVATE social platform where they are the administrators of their own network.


We have developed our own SaaS Cloud Support systems offering our users the options to manage their own helpdesk or use our deskreach 24/7 support campus based in Cebu.
Public Social Networks
The Problem

Mainstream public social networks are facing unprecedented shifts of users looking for a safer PRIVATE way to communicate with their peers.  Our big social networks no longer protect their users data with integrity or trust.

Private Social Networking
The Solution

SafeStreets is the first global online community - to be fully integrated into our offline communities.


SafeStreets Online

A very advanced PRIVATE community social platform

 Our SECURED PRIVATE community social platform has been designed with no onboarding or learning curve. Its functions are similar to most other social networks people use everyday.

With its clean 'Intuitive' user interface and the ability to for users to create - share and care, this is the only choice for people to call home when they are looking for alternatives to the BIG SOCIALS that continue to influence and control their data.

We have our own security portal protecting our users data and managing our entire network to ensure the integrity of our users private information is safe from hackers and other malicious events.
SafeStreets Online is more than a community portal, it's a place members can call home.


Open Communities

OpenCommunities "PRIVATE BRANDED" Social Portal 

SafeStreets extends its base technology to power our new fully white-labled & Branded PRIVATE SOCIAL SPACE.
OpenCommunities can be deployed into any size group or association giving them their own fully manages community portal.
What sets OpenCommunities apart is the ability to fully Administrate your own network.


OpenCommunities is the only fully administrated USER platform.

A few vertical markets:
Sporting Clubs ~ Church Groups ~ Co-Ops ~ Volunteer Groups Education Faculties ~ Rural Emergency Groups

History in the making

While the past few years has thrown us all serious challenges in business and life, we continue to forge ahead and turn obstacles into opportunities.

A brief timeline of our continued progress

  • January 2022. BlaqClouds finished the construction of its 24/7 Support campus based in the Philippines.
  • November 2021. BlaqClouds acquired its first international client using its Open Communities platform.
  • January 2021. BlaqClouds launched its SaaS Private Social Platform - SafeStreets Online
  • August 2020. BlaqClouds launched its SaaS global support platform - DeskReach.
  • January 2020. Three RoadShows to NewYork Investors with positive feedback for future funding.
  • May 2019. BlaqClouds Inc merged into a public listed company on the OTC Markets.
  • June 2018. BlaqClouds setup it's international development teams and it's Asia head office in Cebu.
  • September 2017. BlaqClouds migrated from Australia to its new head office in downtown Los Angeles.
  • September 2016. BlaqClouds Inc was incorporated as a Delaware private company.
A major shift from public to private
The Market

Information is being collected, stored and used by social media networks as well as third parties. At the same time, users don't want a permanent record of everything they post, which is why stories -- typically only lasting 24 hours -- have become so popular.

Facebook, with its more than 20 scandals in the last year, had a big influence on the movement from public social to private social. Users lost confidence in the social network's mission of "being more connected" and instead desired less connectedness than ever before. People started to retreat to private messaging in WhatsApp or Messenger or Instagram to escape the spotlight (or at least try to hide their data from it).  

Best Financial Experts

When comparing the most popular social networks it's best to review them by active account usage, not just the number of
user accounts. This chart shows the total number of Internet users showing that 8% of the world's internet users are not
on social media, which suggests opportunities for future growth.


Social Network Growth



Analysis of regional use of social media shows the wide variation inactive social media penetration reaching 66% in Eastern Asia,
74% in North America, 72% in Southern America and 79% in both Northern and Western Europe falling to 31% in Southern Asia,
16% in Western Africa and 8% in Middle Africa. 

The Future of Private Social Media

Privacy concerns on public social media are a major driver for private social.
In the not-so-distant future, we could see these services streamlined (there are currently plans to merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram) with other features built on top. Instead of switching between apps, it's more likely users will interact with one private social app to do everything -- from making calls and joining video chats, to more complex e-commerce transactions and payments.

"Artificial intelligence will also take its place front-and-center, as it personalizes the customer experience based on locations, behaviours, preferences and other factors."

Interestingly, the future is already here in China. Social media apps in China are much more multifunctional: for example, WeChat is an app for messaging, shopping, appointment scheduling, ride hailing, virtual wallet and so, so much more. Think of these apps as central hubs for all your activities.

Current market providers

Fortunately, our only real competition in this space is - We have tested their services and can confidently say that we were disappointed in their user offerings - both from a service and user experience point of view! 
There is only one company that has a decent market presence.
Next-door. - with a current valuation of $1.5b.

"They believe they are ready for an IPO with a market cap to be valued at $4b plus."

After extensive competitor research, we found that to only have a small percentage of the global market. They also have a very low consumer star review. - We have used this competitors technology and found it to be far less engaging and offers far less consumer value compared to our SafeStreets technology.

Our only real competitor is and they have been very successful in growing their online communities since 2017.

+ 11 countries - United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada

+ 270,000 neighbourhoods globally
+ 1 in 4 U.S. households - (This is a claim we haven't been able to verify at this stage.)
+ 50 million local business recommendations from neighbours 

SaaS - Software as a Service
Business Model

Using our 3 SaaS portals BlaqClouds will generate its revenues through subscription based marketing.  SafeStreets Communities & OpenCommunities both will be offered as affiliate products to reach a high market presence.  - DeskReach is on track to acquire more than 50,000 subscribers by the end of 2022 with it's major Australian client.

The people behind the name
The Team

While our core team is small, we network globally with providers and outsource key people for specific projects. - All contact requests can be made here - [ir]@[blaqclouds].[com]

Investor Relations


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


Database Engineer


Technical Project Manager

Q1 2022
Use of Funds

Proceeds of funding from this round will be disbusrt into 6 critical areas:

Service providers and public relations - Financials & Accounting - Attorney fees

OTC Markets Listing - Transhare transfer agents - Opinion Letters from lawyers. Brokerage and PR management.
IRS and company disclosure preparations. 

Accrued business expenses for 2021 - Office leases - rental equipment - salaries - credit facilities - Continued operating of general business operations.
Maintenance for our development team costs. 

Commencement of marketing campaigns for membership and the deployment of SafeStreets online communities and the onboarding of OpenCommunications private social networks.

Recruitment of development Team to continue upgrading our current platforms.

We are completing the final fitout of our new 24/7 Support Campus in Cebu - Philippines.  Our campus will run 3 x 8 hr shifts consisting of 16 support agents and 4 full stack developers.

We are seeking a small investment of US$250k (Min US$1000k Lots) to fast track the administration of the public company. To expediate such an offering we are prepared to execute an investment transaction based on the following:

Exit Options
#1. Exit
- Your investment will be return in full in a few months after the completion of our Reg A in the U.S.A. This is clearly stated in our Share Purchase Agreement.
#2. You will pay the low market price for our Shares. - US$0.05. (or the market par price at the time of contract)
#3. You will secure and keep your shares.
#4. BONUS FOR CASH TRANSACTION - You will be issued x2 the amount of shares for your investment for consideration of an immediate cash based executed transaction based on our standard Share Purchase Agreement.
Flexible Payments
Investment Payment via CRYPTO CURRENCY:
We will accept payment of your investment in BitCoin - However, ITEM #4 Above BONUS will be removed as we will incur a cost of liquidation to cash.
We will consider issuing a Convertible Note that provides you with the option to convert your investment into Cash or Shares after we complete our Reg A series of public funding. - Your shares will be escrowed for a period under U.S. Security Laws. After this period, you can trade your shares. Considering you have recovered your full investment during the escrow period, the investor will have NO RISK and any profitable outcomes from its trading of shares is a BONUS.


No updates, yet. Stay tuned.


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Jean-Louis COUTURIER - Investor2 months ago
What will be return for a $1000 investment ?
Troy Davis
Troy Davis - Issuer    
Hi Jean - One of our team will follow up with your request shortly.

2 months ago



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