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Gold is Hot but Nickel is Hotter!

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Who are we

Here to Serve Holding Corp. (the “Company”) acquires undervalued assets and prepares them for rapid appreciation. In the past year, we acquired large blocks of common stock in three publicly traded companies and 177 single cell mining claims in the nickel-rich Timmins Mining Camp in Ontario, Canada. Our thesis is that nickel is the new gold, and we formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc., for our nickel and gold business.


Nickel is a crucial battery metal in the electric vehicle (“EV”) supply chain. Many governments, consumer groups and companies, such as the Biden Administration, EV100, and General Motors, are committing to make electric vehicle transport the new normal in this decade. A nickel exploration company that is within 15 miles of our property, has 90 mining claims, no revenues yet, and is trading at a market cap of greater than $90 million, or $1,000,000 per mining claim. We value our company for this offering at less than $10 million, or approximately $56,000 per mining claim. We believe your investment has enormous growth potential.





The world does not have enough nickel production to supply the electric vehicle (“EV”) battery market. The problem is so large that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, was quoted as saying on the Tesla earnings call on July 22, 2020: “Please mine more nickel…Tesla will give you a giant contract for a long period of time if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.”


Managing director at Regent Advisors, Michael Beck, notes that “Nickel is probably the single most important metal component in battery fabrication. It’s where all of the energy is stored, and the battery chemistries are being refined to allow the inclusion of as much nickel as possible. The more nickel, the higher the energy density of the battery…The ramp-up of demand is just beginning.”



Our solution is to explore and drill our mining claims, compile information, and sell our mineral rights to a mining company or develop them ourselves. The map below shows the residual magnetics of our Gowan Project, the nearby property of Canada Nickel, the Crawford Project, and the nearby property of Class 1 Nickel and Technologies, the Alexo-Dundonald Mines. Our Company, Canada Nickel, and Class 1 Nickel are publicly traded. The historical drill records on our property show a higher concentration of high-grade nickel than our two competitors. We plan to use the bulk of the proceeds from this offering to perform exploratory drilling and obtain additional evidence of the value of our mineral rights. We believe one round of drilling will unlock a major portion of the value of our mineral rights. Our geophysicist has provided us with evidence of eight key target locations for drill activities.

The map above highlights our original 28 claims. The map below exhibits the additional 74 claims that we purchased in November 2020. The 74-unit mining claims provide us with an expanded footprint to explore and drill test the previously identified airborne electromagnetic anomalies (conductor) to the west and the south of the original property. In addition to the high-grade nickel RC drill intersection at the property, the map shows anomalous base-metal (copper-zinc) mineralization was also reported in historical drill holes on the new area.


With a highly prospective mineralized land package of about 5,100 acres in Gowan Township, we believe the Company is well advancing to find the next nickel and base-metal mines in Timmins. The mineral-rich Abitibi Greenstone Belt in northeast Ontario has the potential to become a preferred supplier of cleaner nickel as a component of the battery for EVs. We continue to look for ways to be part of the EV supply chain and we believe we have highly prospective sites for nickel, copper, and gold mineralized systems.

Also, in January 2021, we purchased 75 mining claims - the Beck Ottaway Project


Achievement & Traction

We are experienced business professionals. Our Company is profitable and has a favorable share structure compared to many other small-cap publicly traded companies. We believe our balance sheet has other undervalued assets in addition to our mineral rights. We have audited financial statements from a PCAOB registered CPA firm that is included as part of our offering statement. It is unusual for a publicly-traded company to raise money under Regulation CF. However, we use the alternative reporting method on OTC Markets, and consequently, we qualify for an offering under Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act of 1933.  


Because we are a publicly-traded company, we plan to continue to file quarterly reports to update our shareholders with our financial statements. Unlike most companies that use Regulation CF, we believe we offer more transparency and more liquidity to Regulation CF investors than privately held companies because we already have a traded stock. On January 27, 2021, OTC Markets reported 217,061 shares traded as our average daily volume for the past 30 days. 


We recently acquired 102 mining claims in the Gowan Township and 75 mining claims in the heart of the Abitibi greenstone belt which we refer to as the Beck - Ottaway Project. Our plan for 2021 is to utilize our geophysicist analysis and perform drilling exploration to validate the mineral-rich property covered by the mineral rights that we own. We believe this validation will increase the Company’s market capitalization, which is traded on OTC Markets under the ticker symbol HTSC.




During Tesla’s quarterly conference call in July 2020, Elon Musk called on miners to invest in sustainable nickel production in anticipation of shortages of the metal due to greater electric vehicles’ production over the next few years. Nickel consumption in electric vehicle batteries is expected to increase 64% between 2019 and 2025 according to research firm Wood Mackenzie.




Projected Key Nickel Demand Driver



Projected Supply and Demand for Nickel in 2025



Projected Components of Nickel Demand



Projected Demand Increases for Battery Metals




Proximity to World Class Deposits:

The Gowan Project is near, and within, the same geological /structural trend with the Alexo-Dundonald Ni-Cu Mine / Deposit to the east. The Kidd Creek Mine Complex, the deepest base-metal mine in the world, is located to the west, making it an exciting exploration target.


The Beck and Ottaway project is near the Crawford Ni-Co-PGE deposit. It’s one of the 10th largest undeveloped nickel sulfide deposits globally, making it a unique and valuable opportunity.



The Timmins Camp is a superior mining region with readily available infrastructure, including mill and ore processing facilities, mine services, and road access. The property is accessible via existing roads and trails and can be explored throughout the year. We are near our competition, but in the mining business, that means all the necessary infrastructure components are within our reach to assist in the advancement of the project.


Our competition cannot mine the property where we own mineral rights. It is possible that our competitors may impact the selling price of nickel by generating an abundant supply. Given the projected demand for nickel, as a battery metal for electric vehicles, we believe the demand for nickel will outpace the production capabilities of nickel mines and this decade will bring a rising tide for nickel producers.


Business Model

We believe our efforts will be lucrative due to the new demand source for nickel from the EV market. Nickel sulfide is the preferred form of nickel for the production of class one nickel, a requirement for a battery fabrication. A drill hole on our property indicates a substantial nickel sulfide presence.


Legend Mining recently reported that they mine nickel at a cost of $1.70 a pound and they sell the nickel at $8.00 a pound. We believe the per pound selling price of nickel will rise faster than the per pound cost of production.


We anticipate companies will be able to make monumental profits selling nickel to EV battery companies. However, based upon the drilling work we do, we do not expect to reach the point where we mine our nickel deposits. We refer to ourselves as an exploration company. We plan to explore to prove our resources’ value and sell our interests to a mining entity. We anticipate a major mining company will make an offer to purchase our claims.


Key Takeaways

 · Massive and compelling mining property that has a strong potential for multiple metallic commodities and wealth.

· Robust Exploration Potential - Tier 1 Nickel Project, 100% owned, and proactive government support. Direct exposure to nickel.

· A rare land position that is near rich world-class deposits.

· Geophysical Airborne Survey Interpretation has identified potential drill-ready targets.

· Scalability - Potential to develop a staged nickel and gold business with production.

· Favorable mining culture and excellent infrastructure in the regions.

· Strong management and an advanced technical team to accelerate and advance the projects to the next level.

· We are at the right place at the right time. The mining claims we own have been ignored for the past 50 years. Now the EV industry is demanding nickel as a key battery metal.


Paul Riss, MBA, CPA, our Chief Executive Officer, has more than 30 years of experience buying, building, and selling businesses as the CEO of a publicly-traded company and as a CPA with Ernst & Young.


He is a board member of an equity-based funding portal and a member of FINRA. As the CEO of a Nasdaq-listed technology company, he was selected as a finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award program for the Connecticut / Hudson Valley region. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with distinction from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and earned an MBA with distinction from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He won the James P. Kelly Award for distinguished public service by a member of the Westchester chapter of the New York State Society of Public Accountants. Mr. Riss, an accomplished musician, wrote and directed ten musical parodies to raise money for college scholarships. 


Cesar Herrera, President of Fortune, has over 20 years of experience running his own real estate brokerage firm. As a licensed broker, Mr. Herrera is integral in the sales, development, and financing of countless multi-million dollar residential and commercial properties. Mr. Herrera has experience in multiple real estate levels, including bridge finance, ground development finance, hard money, and traditional conventional loans. He also has expertise in lender short sale, foreclosure, and forbearance negotiations. 


Mr. Herrera is also an active member of the National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors, taking advantage of both organizations’ courses and numerous certifications. He is also licensed with the California State Board of Licensed Contractors for both commercial and residential construction sales. 


Charles Gryba P.Eng - His geology experience, mining methods, and advances to the mining industry make him a desired resource company executive. Today Mr. Gryba is acting as Strategic Advisor for Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. He is instrumental in the geological, technical, and mining decision-making for the Company's Gowan and Beck Ottaway project.


David Beling P.E.- During the past 56 years, Mr. Beling examined, significantly reviewed, or was directly involved with 88 underground mines, 131 open-pit mines, and 164 process plants around the world. He also developed, enhanced, and obtained financing for several mining companies, mainly in the copper, gold, cobalt, nickel, and uranium sectors.


Brian Holden (Strategic Advisor) - Brian has 28 years of experience trading securities and advising public companies on market capitalization. 


He strategically raised capital and guided a diverse clientele through turbulent times and market bubbles. He adjusted funding requirements and structured the client company's market awareness campaigns.


Mr. Holden, an expert at aligning a public company's capital needs with market conditions, advised more 70 publicly-traded mining companies in 2020. He served on the Board of Directors for public companies, including VMH, Virtual Media Holdings Inc., and Evision Holdings Inc. He coordinated SEC and compliance procedures and served as CEO, Marketing Director, and Chairman of the Board.


Prairie Fire Enterprises (Project Manager)

This Canadian consulting company consists of industry experienced professionals including an internationally experienced geologist and field corporate operations manager familiar with exploration and mining in Timmins. Prairie Fire specializes in green fields, project to mine-based exploration, project generation, project supervision, and coordination, design and execution of drilling programs, application and integration of geological - geophysical - geochemical sampling techniques, processing and interpretation of geological/drilling datasets, geological and resource modeling, and technical reporting.


Use of Funds


No updates, yet. Stay tuned.


Unfortunately, this securities offering is closed. For questions, please email [email protected]. Thanks!

Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson - Investor2 years ago
Why are my funds not showing invested yet?

William Randolph Owens
William Randolph Owens - Investor2 years ago
In general, investors fund a venture in the hope the company will go public for a huge payday. Your company is 'already public' at a share price of only .07 cents. As an investor, why should I fund this campaign at a higher share price of .12 cents?
Lou Bacigalupo
Lou Bacigalupo - Investor3 years ago
Are these shares restricted? Can they be sold on the market at any time?


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