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Med-X, Inc.

Making a Difference, Naturally.

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Who are we


Our company is creating a portfolio of proprietary products and services which are designed to provide safer, yet effective solutions to many dangers we all face in our everyday lives.  Our flagship product lines, Nature-Cide and Thermal-Aid, already hold domestic and global distribution positions in professional pest control and OTC pharmacy, respectively. An investment in Med-X is like early investing in The Honest Company or The Wonderful Company which are private billion-dollar companies that were never open for investment to small, retail investors.


Thousands of people have recognized our traction and have become shareholders because they not only view us as an opportunity to reap a return on their investment, but they want to partake in positive change.  We are a movement of like-minded investors who are coming together to not only make their families and communities safer, but also make impactful changes to dangerous large industries which will lead to better public and environmental health.


To create a better world for future generations we have to change. Chemicals from large conglomerates are adversely impacting the health of ourselves, our communities and the planet. As a group, we must come together and fight for a greener future. Today we ask you to join our mission to protect our families from the unnecessary dangers associated with short and long term exposure to synthetic chemicals. Together we can bring forth a brighter and healthier future free of the toxic poisons we use in our homes and bodies every day, while simultaneously allowing our shareholders to prosper from the company’s growth and liquidity goals.







Nearly everyone on this planet is exposed to pesticides or has taken a pain relief pill. Science has proven the long-term health complications and diseases that can happen as a result.  Yet, too few people are aware that alternative Eco-friendly products and methods exist in the market that do a similar job, with the same efficacy, but with zero negative impact to oneself or the environment.

Reports estimate that in the United States alone over 20 billion pounds of pesticides have been sprayed on our properties and food in just the last 20 years. Globally in the same timespan, this industry has generated over $1 Trillion in revenues. So, why are we all so exposed?




Historically, the use of synthetic chemicals in all of our food, drugs, products, and industries has been controlled by a small group of very large and powerful international corporations. These corporations hold patents and spend millions of dollars lobbying governments all over the world to make sure their products are deemed safe for use, even though the long-term effects from exposure have been proven to be unhealthful and dangerous.





Most of these synthetic chemicals contain strong toxic/poisonous chemicals with proven long-lasting, devastating carcinogenic effects. These compounds can take generations to become nascent in the environment. As more chemicals are sprayed or used in products, the build-up just keeps compounding the pollution that harms the environment.

 Chemicals from plastics and pesticides are now beginning to be found in our groundwater and public drinking water supplies for the first time. No wonder numerous studies are now linking diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, asthma, cancer and reproductive dysfunction to chemical pesticides.





We all know a family that has been impacted by the Opioid Public Health crisis the Pharmaceutical conglomerates have directly caused in this country by using similar unethical tactics of lobbying to get their addictive drugs in the hands of as many everyday Americans as possible. These addictive drugs that have been marketed for the use of everyday pain when science clearly proves the addictive nature of the chemicals used to make them. For a person born in 2017 the odds of dying from an Opioid Overdose is now higher than dying in a car accident.







Med-X, has developed multiple all-natural plant-based brands of products that solve the same everyday issues people have been using chemicals to solve. Med-X, is able to sell these products into the homes of everyday Americans through our partnerships with major retail and healthcare distributors as well as the leading international professional pest control distributors. The company is constantly marketing and educating the public about the dangers we face while at the same time offering real, proven effective, safe solutions. Through targeted marketing, national and international distribution venues and exposure through our media divisions, our high margin proprietary products are cutting through the noise and getting mainstream attention and sell-through. Med-X is also on the cutting edge of green product development by introducing new cannabis/hemp topical and supplement products that will also become available to consumers in the future.

In the past, there were little or no options for a homeowner to choose an effective green pesticide to be used in their home. Likewise, there were limited safe, drug-free options for truly relieving a migraine headache or everyday chronic pain. Now there are multiple options being offered by our Med-X Divisions and more that are in final development by Med-X scientists, doctors, and formulators. These products are proven effective in clinical trials and many are already in national and international distribution channels with sell-through driving growth.


Achievement & Traction




Nature-Cide is being used by a growing network of commercial customers including licensed pest control companies, like the nationally positioned PestMaster Services, which provides pest control services in fourteen states. Nature-Cide currently supplies Univar Solutions, Target Specialty Products and its parent company “Rentokil Initial” in various regions including Asia and India.  The Company plans to continue aggressively marketing within the Pest Control, Hospitality, Transportation, Agriculture, and Janitorial supply markets, while also pursuing the implementation of Nature-Cide in state and federal facilities throughout various regions in the United States.






The entire Nature-Cide line of products has 10 years of research and development behind it. All of these products have been proven effective in the field by licensed pest management professionals as well as by conducting third party laboratory efficacy tests. These products are currently being utilized for major commercial and residential use worldwide in pest control, hospitality, janitorial, transportation and agriculture (Including cannabis cultivation). Nature-Cide is available to Pest Management Professionals through nationwide distribution such as Target Specialty Products, Residex, Univar and more!





Thermal-Aid all-natural products are clinically proven and patented therapeutic heating/cooling modality designed explicitly for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve various pain issues. Thermal-Aid products cover a wide variety of needs for patients in all age groups for a gamut of ailments including but not limited to arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, migraines, back pain, and muscle aches. Thermal-Aid products can be found in various OTC pharmacy outlets and qualify for patient insurance reimbursement and FSA programs throughout the United States.





Malibu Brands is a premium, homeopathic lifestyle brand.  Malibu Brands' first product is the Pacific Pain Relief Cream, which is a proven, natural topical analgesic cream for the temporary relief of various pains including arthritis, joint, muscle, headache, and migraine pain. Malibu Brands is working to expand its product footprint with multiple products in development including a pain cream that utilizes hemp CBD as an ingredient. Additionally, the Malibu Brands division is planning to embark on designing a unique clothing line that uses alternative sustainable materials such as hemp fiber and bamboo as they become readily available.





The Marijuana Times is a thought leader in the cannabis space, especially with exposing certain blemished areas of the industry, such as the widespread unregulated chemical use by cultivators and the dangerous health impact of consuming products with high levels of synthetic chemicals. The Marijuana Times publishes content on a daily basis via its website, IOS news application, audio podcast and daily Youtube news show. The publication is a verified Google News and Apple News publisher.





The National Investor Network is a hub for everyday investors to gather resources and information in regards to companies raising capital using public or private equity.  It serves as a portal with an extensive information base of companies and executives who are publicly raising capital or trading securities. This venue will be positioned to assist the company and other private and public companies with information that could assist in their short and long term marketing pursuits of success.







The global insect pest control market is projected to grow from $12.4 billion in 2016 to $17.3 billion by 2022, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets. The insect pest control market is driven by government regulations on food hygiene, public health, environmental health, and growing public awareness. The need to improve service quality for customers is expected to provide an impetus for growth in innovative pest control solutions. Lack of skilled technicians and delayed regulatory approval process for chemical products in different applications (such as residential, commercial, and industrial areas) have been considered restraining factors for the market and offer opportunities for products that fall under the less regulated FIFRA 25(b) Minimum Risk Pesticide category.




The global pain management drug market is estimated to grow from $36.6 billion in 2014 to $44.3 billion by 2020 according to bccResearch.  Pain is a distressing sensory and emotional feeling, which occurs due to tissue damage or illness. Various diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, stomach ulcer, chronic arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, and cancer can cause pain. The duration of the pain varies from short-term known as acute pain to long-term referred to as chronic pain. Traditionally, the management of pain involves the reduction or treatment of pain using a particular set of drugs. Currently, 166 people die each day from an overdose by abusing prescription opiate pain medication. The need to improve service quality and safety for patients is expected to provide an impetus for growth in the pain management solution market.




Med-X, Inc.'s flagship divisions and core products are all based upon proprietary products which are all-natural, Eco-friendly, highly effective for professional use while also not being cost prohibitive.  The proven effectiveness and acceptance in the marketplace not only gives our products the ability to go head-to-head with synthetic and pharmaceutical products and methods, but it also differentiates us from what is currently being implemented in this all-natural movement.   


Nature-Cide's proprietary insecticide products are proven as effective as synthetic chemical pesticides in field and in laboratory studies as well as anecdotal reports which have come in from all over the country and world. Unlike any other natural pesticide developer, Nature-Cide's initial development was conducted in the field by our own in-house service division, Nature-Cide Services, Inc.  Nature-Cide products are one of the fastest growing natural products for pest management services in the world.  


Thermal-Aid products are patented, all-natural and proven to reduce pain and drug usage in multiple clinical studies. One study reveals Thermal-Aid arthritis hot/cold packs holds vital temperatures longer and steadier than what doctors use in rehabilitation centers. Unlike any other similar products in the space, all Thermal-Aid products carry Flexible Spending Accounts for Consumers and Patient Insurance coverage.  


Malibu Brands “Pacific Pain Relief Cream” is this division's first product release of many to come based upon a very unique and proprietary essential oil blend which is based upon migraine headache relief.  In limited release, the anecdotal reports from users claiming unprecedented non-pharmaceutical pain relief has been overwhelming.  This first release was developed to go head to head against CBD pain management products and will also be introducing a proprietary version containing various CBD and CBG essential oils. A complete product line for Malibu Brands is currently in development and will be ready for release in late 2020.


Business Model




Med-X is an innovator and leader in developing all-natural and alternative solutions to the outdated poisonous chemicals and harmful pharmaceutical products, often used in pest control and pain management. Med-X incorporates best-in-class science, research and technology for manufacturing and service capabilities across pest control, pain management, aromatherapy, by primarily utilizing essential oil product development.


The company’s sales are represented by multiple commercial sales verticals and third-party service providers managed through various domestic and international distribution partners. Retail sales are currently conducted by over-the-counter pharmacy retailers and various e-commerce service providers. Med-X is also focused on educating the public by supporting its digital media platforms of The Marijuana Times and The National Investor Network.


Med-X has built a portfolio of high margin commercial and consumer product brands as well as pest control services. These proven brands help drive the company’s current revenue. This portfolio strategy gives the company flexibility and power to scale up operations, and raise revenues in any sector by acquiring other like-minded brands who fit the company mission and would like the opportunity to grow together. The company is already in talks with several small to medium-sized companies who have shown interest in being a part of a bigger green movement.



Use of Funds




The Med-X management team is motivated to continue to grow revenue and raise the capital needed to take the company public on a national exchange. Med-X has reserved the Nasdaq ticker symbol, (MXRX) and plans to offer its investors liquidity by entering the public market in the future.



The moving forward strategy for the Nature-Cide division is set to expand market positioning with commercial advertising and expanded distribution of the Nature-Cide product lines for continued sale in Commercial Pest Control, Hospitality, Janitorial, Transportation, Housing Authorities, School Districts, Turf-Care and Agriculture including cannabis cultivation. We will also be preparing several Nature-Cide Ready to Use SKUs for consumer use to be primarily positioned in various Big Box retail. The Nature-Cide service division plans to continue to grow it’s footprint in the Greater Los Angeles area as the management team continues to aggressively push to increase revenues and market share by acquiring existing pest control service companies and injecting the Nature-Cide products and IPM model into their existing book of business.



Expand market presence of Thermal-Aid in Pain Management sectors including insurance coverage segments for Physical Therapy, Flexible Spending, and Patient Care while continuing the expansion of its retail footprint within the OTC Pharmacy space. Continue the placement of all products that fit within consumer retail with e-commerce expansion, including positioning Malibu Brands assortment of products' into the same position.




The Med-X management team are major proponents of the legalization of medical cannabis on a federal level. As a member of the pest control community in the cannabis industry, the team hopes to expand its footprint in this emerging market by not only supplying pest control products to cannabis and hemp cultivators but also legally participating in the cultivation and manufacturing of hemp and cannabis products.




Company management holds licenses for various types of applications for pest control and is trained and proficient in several types of cultivation, including hemp and cannabis. Management is proficient in supercritical CO2 extraction of all types of essential oils, and if and when the federal government eases rules and regulations on hemp and medical cannabis cultivation, sales, manufacturing and transportation, the Company is positioned to enter cultivation and manufacturing of all types of hemp and medical cannabis-related products.




There is a very large demand for new effective all-natural solutions in both mainstream pest control and in the world of pharmaceuticals. The potential for the investor to prosper in these markets is there. These markets are long overdue for new ideas and innovations and opportunities to invest in these markets is rare and difficult to come by for the working-class American.


An investment in Med-X, is the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company that is already disrupting these markets with green options. We know that a larger portion of the market shares in these industries has to move to the safer, greener side and we are sitting perfectly to address the needs of the markets as consumers continue to demand alternative options.







No updates, yet. Stay tuned.


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