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Nuurez--A Totally New Approach To Real Estate


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Shark Tank Star And Investor Endorses Nuurez


Who are we


Nuurez, Inc. is the next generation in residential options —a disruptor like no other. 

Nuurez provides total freedom for those who are seeking a life where they can live where they want when they want with no strings attached. In addition, customers of Nuurez can add a new income stream to their lives that once seemed improbable if not impossible. A Nuurez rental property can be listed on Airbnb or any of the myriad of the other similar websites by the Nuurez renter, even though they don't own the property that they’re living in. Nuurez will even help its rental customers list their homes and teach them how to do it. 


Nuurez, Inc. is seeking investors who not only wish to cash in on this totally new type of residential solution but who also may want to reap additional income from their own properties. Nuurez will prioritize assisting select investors in listing their properties whenever they like. This Nuurez investor class is called Affiliate Investors. 




The Problem–Today’s Home Sharing Industry Is Missing the Biggest Potential Market  

The largest single generation in US history-Millennials- is not buying homes. Affordability, high student debt and less loan availability are just a few of the reasons that Millennials aren't buying homes at the rate of previous generations. Urban Institute reports that in 2015 only 37% of Millennials owned a home – a full eight percentage points lower than Generation X and Baby Boomers at the same age. The problem is getting worse as more Millennials finish college with no savings only to then to enter the workforce and make low entry-level earnings. In addition, Millennials are not finding long-term work and are turning to the short-term (and often unpredictable) "gig" economy. Mom and Dad's basement is the solution most select but is very unappealing. 


The Airbnb solution is designed primarily for short-term travelers and not extended stays. Apartments were the solution in the past for non-homeowners, but many Millennials neither have credit nor are prepared to commit to one-year leases. Home sharing is also a rapidly growing sector and supply is being outstripped by demand even for travelers. 


Nuurez is taking this concept of home-sharing and temporary home rentals a step further. The company is now purchasing and leasing a series of unique properties in prime Airbnb and other territories that are highly attractive to both travelers and Millennials. These properties include small garden apartments, multi-family homes and motels which Nuurez will modernize. The company is targeting travel-friendly states like Florida along with other Gulf states such as Texas, Mississippi (Casinos) and Alabama.



Nuurez - An Alternative Residential Solution and Income Source  

Nuurez offers a tremendous solution for extended stay prospects such as Millennials and for the ever-growing demand by travelers seeking more home-like lodging solutions. In addition, Nuurez renters, primarily Millennials, will be allowed to provide temporary housing for travelers in their Nuurez residence allowing them to earn extra income – an option not generally allowed by most apartments (not to mention Mom and Dad). 


Nuurez will be purchasing and/or lease locations such as small but high-quality garden apartments, multi-family homes as well as motels which will be upgraded and styled to appeal to the discerning. Nuurez will also work with its own investors who wish to provide their homes or properties for home-sharing. We call these our Affiliate Investors. Nuurez will manage those Affiliate Investor properties and rent them on a priority basis to help our Affiliate Investors earn additional-income. 


What Is the Math? This Is the Real Story 

Brian Page, the leading authority on the home-sharing boom having trained thousands of people to take advantage of the "Airbnb phenomenon", states that one can rent a home or apartment and turn around and make a 300% return. The math is simple. A typical rental property costs $40 a night. In most places across the US, one can home share their property on Airbnb for $140 dollars/night. Even at a 70% occupancy rate, one can easily enjoy a 300% return. 


The Nuurez Formula Is Simple 

The wide-open opportunity here is the consolidation of available properties for the sole purpose of providing these properties to Millennials and travelers. Because Nuurez can list these properties on sites like Airbnb, Home Away and VRBO, the company has virtually NO advertising costs, NO income collection costs save credit card processing fees, (everything is prepaid and collected by the websites), and NO personnel headaches of manning a reservations service since Nuurez will outsource that function to companies like Guesty, the leading booking platform for accommodations. 



Achievement & Traction

The Movement 

The secret sauce behind the Nuurez approach involves its "Affiliate Investors". These are the people who invest $5000 or more in Nuurez to benefit from the company's growth but also to have Nuurez manage their properties for additional income. This creates an army of property owners invested ina true movement. What is the Movement? Thousands of Nuurez participants providing accessible residences that enable true location mobility and freedom to those who need it. 




How Big Is the Opportunity? 

Spurred primarily by the growth of Uber and Airbnb, the sharing economy, which stood at $14 billion in 2014, is forecasted to reach $335 billion by 2025. There were 44.8 million adults using sharing economy services in the United States in 2016. This figure was forecast to increase to 86.5 million by 2021. With an estimated 2018 valuation of over $53 to $65 billion, Airbnb alone is valued more highly than several of the biggest individual hotel chains. 


Nuurez is targeting both the Millennial generation as well as frequent travelers. By analyzing U.S Census data it has been found that in 2016 there were an estimated 71 million Millennials. In 2018, U.S. travelers took 463.6 million domestic business trips. This figure was forecasted to rise to 493.7 million by 2022. The travel industry in the United States is a growing one. 


Totally New Type of Investor Opportunity
Nuurez continues to break many business norms by making Investor earnings a major priority for the company. First, Nuurez management wants to distribute MORE profits to the investors than management receives. The investor pool generated through this offering shall receive sixty (60) percent of quarterly profits that are distributed by Nuurez. The investor distributions are planned to begin at the end of the third quarter of 2020 and then continue on a quarterly basis. Affiliate investors who earn money through property management are paid monthly for revenues earned the prior month.



No Competition –Rapid Acquisition 

Every major growth area in any sector (computers, Internet, social networks, etc.) involves those companies that consolidate the most in-demand aspect of that trend. Home-sharing involves the need for properties. The key is to gain control of as many bargain properties before other competitors form up to duplicate the activity. 


Business Model

The Business Model -- The Action Plan 

The business model is very simple. Acquire direct or indirect control of target properties then purchase, lease or partner with Affiliate Investors to make those properties available. The initial focus of Nuurez activities will involve Florida and other Gulf states such as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The target properties will include small single-family garden apartments, multi-family homes and motels. Finally, Nuurez will provide a money-making opportunity to any of its investors who place $5000 in the company and want to use Nuurez to place visitors in properties that they control.


Nuurez will then aggressively post the properties for sharing on sites such as Airbnb, Home Away and VRBO. Once the Company has consolidated its initial gains in its phase one territories, it will expand operations to additional states in the southeast.


When this initial fundraising is complete Nuurez will immediately begin a Regulation A+ round of fundraising with a target of $50 million to be used primarily for property acquisition. Nuurez is currently working with a group of top internet marketers with tremendous experience in generating prospects and raising funds for businesses.


Peer-to-Peer Living Solutions & The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy, led by such companies as Airbnb, Uber, eBay, and even to a large extent Amazon, is an economic model that uses a peer-to-peer (P2P) method of acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services by and between individuals. Transactions between users are facilitated by a community-based online platform. The key to success in the sharing economy is all about connecting “those who need the thing” to “those who have the thing” in an easy and convenient manner.


The concept of peer-to-peer home rentals, where people rent homes or spaces directly from others on a temporary basis through a centralized platform, was popularized in 2008 with the launch of Airbnb.


Through Airbnb’s online platform, millions of hosts and travelers can create free accounts, then list and book spaces and unique accommodations anywhere in the world. Additional companies such as Home Away and VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) pioneered this concept in the ’90s and early 2000’s with vacation homes and condos exclusively, but Airbnb took it to the next level adding individual or shared rooms as well as unique home experiences to their platform.




The Visionary 

Noelle Randall is all about growth. She has been a thriving entrepreneur for over 20 years and is a successful real estate investor, renowned mentor, author, and speaker. Her diverse business experience has been instrumental in her personal success as well as the success of countless real estate professionals throughout the United States whom she has trained. Noelle is an MBA with 2 master’s degrees, (Baylor & Penn State), and is also co-founder of FDR Horizon Enterprises, LLC, a private real estate equity investment firm and managing entity of major retail brands.



Use of Funds




No updates, yet. Stay tuned.


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Mesidor Azor
Mesidor Azor - Investor4 hours ago
Hello Noelle, i am new here. Learned about you from your YouTube channel. Follow up question on the $500. It says the investor would get $100 annually or $25 quarterly. Does the investor gets that $25 quarterly for life of Nuurez in business or does it come to an end at some point. The $500 invested is not like a loan at 20 percent interest rate and once the 500 is paid, then that’s it. Would like to use the word perpetuity but don’t want to use it out of context.
M.Antoinette Adams
M.Antoinette Adams - Investor7 months ago
If I invested $500 into Nuurez...Approximately how much would the quarterly and yearly dividend be?
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Great question! With a minimum investment of $500 and the annual projected return for upfront investors of 20% (estimate only), equates to $100 annually, this projected payout would be paid quarterly at $25.

7 months ago
Kemar Small
Kemar Small - Investor   
So if I Put $500 I am only going to get $25 Quarterly?

2 months ago
Denzil Francis
Denzil Francis - Investor2 months ago
As a investor from the United Kingdom Does this 5k extended to us too?
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Yes, provided there are no local restrictions against short-term rentals and we our partner company (Guesty) has coverage in the area, they do have some European coverage

2 months ago
David Sidbury
David Sidbury - Investor3 months ago
If you invest 500 to 5000 just in this company will that generate income ever month
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Hi David,

Great question! If you invest $500 to $5000 we will generate income for the company each month, however, the profit distribution to the non-management shareholders will be quarterly. Additionally, if you invest and provide properties to NuuRez, Inc. (you do not have to own them, details are provided on our website) you can receive monthly income.

3 months ago
Valerie McMichael
Valerie McMichael - Investor6 months ago
How do I enroll along with my Partner jointly?
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
You go to post a property section and post.

5 months ago
Kamille Jamieson
Kamille Jamieson - Investor6 months ago
How would I advertised my Company partnership with Nuurez INC on my website.
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
You certainly can write up a press release and send it to us through our contact section on the site.

5 months ago
Sonya Garrett
Sonya Garrett - Investor5 months ago
Good evening, I’m haven’t invested as of yet, But believe this will really take off. My question is, when will I see my investment start to work for me.
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
During the 30 days we start booking tenants and locking up properties. We are looking at a distribution in July. Our first quarterly payment.

5 months ago
Richard Bichanich
Richard Bichanich - Investor5 months ago
I have invested 1000 with an interest in having my properties managed by Nuurez by investing an additional 4000. Is the initial offer to manage our personal properties still open? How do we receive the latest information on any upcoming closing date to make sure we do not miss out?

Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
I Richard. If you would like us the generate income from your properties just go to and go to the Post a Property section. You can a property right in there. As for closing the investment we will give you plenty of notice.

5 months ago
Theresa Sharp
Theresa Sharp - Investor7 months ago
Rather than take the quarterly distribution, can that distribution automatically be reinvested into the company?
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Hi Theresa!

Great question, at this time the reinvestments are not automated...we hope to have this option in the near future.

Thank you for asking this question.

6 months ago
Jeff Park
Jeff Park - Investor6 months ago
It seems you have not acquired any properties to date. Is that correct? If so, what have you actually built to justify a $4 - 10mm valuation? All I see here is an idea and not a real business.
Ellen Garrison
Ellen Garrison - Investor7 months ago
Is there a deadline for making an investment? If so, when is it?
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Yes, once the goal amount is met or the offering date expires, whichever occurs first. Thank you for asking and please let me know if you need additional information

7 months ago
Ellen Garrison
Ellen Garrison - Investor   
Thank you Noelle. Another question - if a person starts with a $500 investment, can additional money be added later?

7 months ago
Nicole Duggins
Nicole Duggins - Investor7 months ago
Hi! Is there a possibility to invest the $5000 to have our own properties managed after the 79 days left?
Charice Champion
Charice Champion - Investor   
Good question I was wondering the same thing

7 months ago
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Hi Nicole and Charice,

Yes! If you invest $5k then you will have access to the benefit of NuuRez managing those properties for you, even after this offering closes. The company manages properties and can begin taking properties from “affiliate investors” in the next 14 days.

Hope to see you at the event.

7 months ago
Charice Champion
Charice Champion - Investor   
Hello Noelle I have a question if I already invested 500 and I want to add another 4500 after the offering closes would that only be to manage my property. or will that include shares also?

7 months ago
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Charice- Thank you for investing, if you add an additional 4500 we would suggest doing it before this offering is closed so you get the shares. However, if you cannnot meet the date we will still be able to assist, but you will be routed to our team for property management and with the offering at that time

7 months ago
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - Investor7 months ago
On your truCrowd page, it says you are raising money at a $4 million pre-money valuation, but in your offering statement it says your pre-money valuation is $10 million. Which is accurate?
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
The valuation should be $10 million based on the outstanding shares available; however it seems Trucrowd has a valuation model that we are unaware of. I will get the precise answer for you and respond

7 months ago
ILONA KOVACS - Investor7 months ago
Hi! When and where is the networking event going to be? Thanks
Noelle Randall
Noelle Randall - Issuer    
Hi Ilona,

Thank you for asking. The first event (launcy party) will be Feb 17 in Tampa, FL...full details will he provided this week to investors. I hope to see you there!

7 months ago


Offering Statement View Download

Other Disclosures

Read the Form C filed with the SEC for other important disclosures, like financial statements, Directors, Officers, shareholders with more than 20% of voting rights, and more.
Irregular Use of Proceeds
The Company may make Irregular Use of Proceeds. Such Irregular Use of Proceeds, which may be in material amounts in excess of $10,000, may include by way of example and not limitation: Vendor payments and salary made to management, business associates, relatives, related parties and/or affiliates thereof; expenses labeled "Administration Expenses" that are not strictly for administrative purposes; expenses labeled "Travel and Entertainment"; and expenses that are for the purposes of intercompany debt or back payments.

Without limiting the above, the Company may elect to vary from the proposed use of funds as circumstances or assessments of circumstances following the closing change.
Special Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
This offering contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. We caution investors that any forward-looking statements presented in this offering, or which management may make orally or in writing from time to time, are based on the Company’s beliefs and assumptions made by, and information currently available to, the Company. When used, the words “anticipate,” “believe,” “expect,” “intend,” “may,” “might,” “plan,” “estimate,” “project,” “should,” “will,” “would,” “result” and similar expressions, which do not relate solely to historical matters, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions and are not guarantees of future performance, which may be affected by known and unknown risks, trends, uncertainties and factors that are beyond the Company’s control. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially from those anticipated, estimated or projected. While forward-looking statements reflect the Company’s good faith belief when made, they are not guarantees of future performance. The Company expressly disclaims any responsibility to update forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by law.

Moreover, we operate in a very competitive and rapidly changing environment, and new risks emerge from time to time. It is not possible to predict all risks, nor can we assess the impact of all factors on our business or the extent to which any factor, or combination of factors, may cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statements we may make. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events and circumstances discussed in this offering may not occur, and actual results could differ materially and adversely from those anticipated or implied in the forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to revise or publically release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements, except as required by law. Given these risks and uncertainties, prospective investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements.

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