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Pirate's ArrBCs - a learning brand for kids!

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Who are we

We would love to introduce "Pirate's ArrBCs" - a multiplatform destination for children that educates, entertains and engages like never before!


Pirate's ArrBCs focuses on combining entertainment and learning to create products that children love and parents approve of with a series of interactive apps, books, toys, and animated content.  Learning is most effective with an emotional connection to the content, and Pirate's ArrBCs connects with children through engaging stories, memorable characters and fun adventures.


Our two main characters, Pirate and Crow, are complete opposites and are the best of friends. Pirate is the cheerful hard worker and Crow is their not-so clever navigator, who always gets them into all sorts of troubles and adventures. However, no matter the challenge, they always work together to get the task accomplished - in their own, funny and fun ways.


Much of the childrens' content that already exists is lackluster, nevertheless, generating revenue on a multitude of platforms. Kids just want to have fun even if the content is mindless, but parents want to ensure the screen time their children do have is meaningful and productive.  The amount of content that is both enriching and exciting is quite limited.


Pirate’s ArrBCs provides children with fun humor and inspiring adventures all while learning early subjects that develop the necessary skills for future success.  Skills that parents not only approve of, but are willing to spend money for.

And our business model relies on high quality - yet easy to develop content that has the potential of expanding into many products, merchandise, and other revenue-generating sources, such as film and TV.


Check out our animated teaser

to see our unique visuals and philosophy of learning in action!


Achievement & Traction
  • We have shown our content to kids and parents from different socio-economic households and the reactions have been phenomenal. Both boys and girls enjoy Pirate and Crow so much, that some want to rewatch it over and over, while parents were asking for even more content for their children.


  • We have also shown and described the business and marketing models to experts in those fields and have gotten great responses.


  • We have been able to raise $50,000.00 in just 3 months from private contacts. Our success so far has been due to our expertise in the fields of entertainment and story-telling for children and adults.  


  • Jack Kasprzak is now directing on the Netflix/DreamWorks animated show called Spirit: Riding Free - an incredibly popular show for kids now on its 8th season.


  • Tech Demo is available for download on the ADROID platform - this proof of concept shows our ability to complete the task at hand on a basic scale (NOTE - Actual App visuals will resemble our trailer above) . DOWNLOAD LINK  


  • Our team is in talks with KUDOS - a platform for younger kids that is live. We are in discussions on how we can utilize their channel with our characters to mutually benefit from this partnership.



The global app market is a $88B dollar industry and the US education market is expected to grow by 28% by year 2020. The average spent per capita on apps in the app store is $92 is US.  Since 91% of US families with children under 8 have smart devices, more and more children are using them for entertainment and education purposes.  Pirate’s ArrBCs in intended for children ages 4-8. 

Links to the supporting data:



Pirate’s ArrBCs has a lot of competition - between independent YouTube channels featuring playing with dolls or an educational powerhouse such as ABC Mouse that delivers an extensive suite of apps. Pirate’s ArrBCs stands out immediately not only with our unique black and white look, but also in way that we engage and deliver our content to kids.


Our characters are memorable and our writing and directing comes from a combined 26 years in the entertainment industry, which makes our content look and feel better than generic YouTube creators and ugly pay-for-play apps. And our small team and a robust creative environment gives us the ability to develop and execute creative ideas at a much more rapid pace than our big competitors.


Business Model

Initially we will be generating revenue from sales of the full versions of the Apps.  Our free demo will entice children and parents to purchase the full version for $4.99.  Once inside the full version of the app, we will have in-app purchases such as upgrades, hidden areas and special content to further entice and entertain for $0.99. In-app purchases will always be worth the price, additionally a system will be in place where kids can earn their rewards instead of paying for them - it will be their choice!


Our goal is to develop a suite of 7 apps specializing in ABCs, Math, Science, Geography, Dance, Art and Music and switch to a subscription based model. The goal is to maintain relevancy and freshness in the education market through the creation of more apps and expansions of the current ones. Every app will focus on learning in its own way and we will always maintain our integrity, our quality of content and a safe place for kids to learn and grow.

Our YouTube channel "Pirate's ArrBCs: Dreams" will also be generating revenue through YouTube "monetize" and Google’s ad-revenue sharing program and in year two we will start expanding into merchandise sales. Books and comics will be self-published and available on our website for digital download or physical copy delivery. We will adjust our teams and number of personnel based on the needs and demand in the market for our content in various formats.


We plan to grow our brand through release of content on a multitude of avenues that both support and cross-reference each other. Books can support the apps, YouTube content will support merchandise and merchandise will support free content, all growing our brand together. Given our connections in the industry, Pirate’s ArrBCs can be expanded into the TV and Film markets to generate additional revenue.



Jack Kasprzak - Key Creative Executive 

  • Currently a Director at Dreamworks TV on Spirit: Riding Free - an incredibly popular Netflix show for kids on its 8th season.
  • Before joining DreamWorks, Jack was a key artist at Digital Domain - an Oscar winning VFX giant, considered by many to be one of the cutting edge VFX studios in the world.
  • Jack has over 13 years experience in Animation, Previsualization, story and character development, as well as illustration and design.




Slavik IA - Key Creative Executive 

  • Slavik has previsuzalized over 100 commercials for brands such as Nike, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Toyota, NFL and many more.
  • Slavik has Executive Produced and Directed 3 short films, 1 music video and a 1 commercial concept.
  • Slavik has worked on 10 blockbuster films as a Key Animator, Previs Artist and VFX Supervisor - giving him access to many of the skills needed for Pirate’s ArrBCs to succeed.




Diana Donovan - Marketing Consultant and Expert

  • 20+ years of marketing experience, specializing in customer engagement. Diana has worked with companies to define their voice, communicate their value proposition, then optimize their offering to customers via digital channels.
  • Diana has extensive experience in customer acquisition and retention (lifecycle marketing). She spends a good deal of her time writing, but is highly data-driven and well versed in A/B testing tools and analytics.
  • Has worked as an Editorial Director for CNET Networks.
  • a graduate of Brown University with a BA in Media and Modern culture.



Use of Funds


Funds go directly into the production and marketing the two initial Apps:

  • Pirate's ArrBCs
  • Pirate's ArrBCs: Math Island
  • Both apps have been formulated on $150K budgets, for a total of $300K.
  • $120K going directly into the Development of the app in India (modeling, texturing, animation, scripting, bug testing, UI development, porting to IOS, ANDROID)
  • $100K going to Orange Wolf Content for Executive Production (design, distribution, quality control, story development, UI design, voiceover work, SFX, music, focus groups, program licences, legal, accounting services)
  • $80K+ going to 4 Marketing phases 
  1. Grassroots - local teachers, librarians and mom groups.
  2. Influencers & Mom Bloggers - utilizing the web to get the viral buzz and excitement going.
  3. YouTube campaign - Pirate's ArrBCs: Dreams and A/B testing.
  4. 6 month AD campaigns - YouTube content + App gameplay featured on our competitor apps and channels.


Slavik IA
Slavik IA4 years ago

A few updates for all:

1) We have recently been featured in one of the top 50 VFX blogs in the world. Pretty interesting read

2) Our New Ad is up, check out how we are utilizing our marketing footage as a commercial for TruCrowd

Time is running out! Invest, invest, invest! Thank you everyone.

Slavik IA
Slavik IA4 years ago

        Thank you to all of our investors who have contributed to our now successful Pirate's ArrBCs campaign. We are thrilled, but much work is still to be done as we are still aiming to reach our maximum goal of $300K. Here is the 1st Ad in our heavy marketing campaign, we hope you enjoy.

         On a side note, we started to look at different charities and non-profits that help kids learn all around the world. We want Pirate's ArrBCs to be a financial success, but we also care about the future generations of children and if we can help - we will! Any recommendations are welcome. Thank you everyone!

Ad 01 "Running away from dogs"

Slavik IA
Slavik IA4 years ago

Thank you to all our investors!  11 new investors have joined the "Pirates's ArrBCs" business venture and your support means a lot to us.  We would like to personally thank you for believing in our mission, us as a business model and our vision for the future of children's entertainment.  We are really looking forward to the next few months and believe this is the beginning of something big!  Once again, thank you for your incredible support.

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Barnaby Zelman
Barnaby Zelman - Investor4 years ago
I like your business model and objectives, however I don't think Black and White will play well [appeal] to your target audience. Personally, as a guy with two young kids, I view B&W as a negative and would hope you'd reconsider this aspect of your plan.
Slavik IA
Slavik IA - Issuer    

Greetings Barnaby:

    Thank you so much for your comment as this allows us to discuss a very important aspect of our brand - the look, or rather "The Rich Black & White” look that will help our brand and business stand out and you, the investor, to profit.


    In the marketplace of many kids’ apps that are saturated with color, whether done in an appealing way or not, Pirate's ArrBCs will always be edgy, different and unique. When we start advertising directly on competitors’ YouTube channels and learning apps, our look will immediately grab the attention, intriguing the kids to try our free demo.


    Learning and fun are integral parts of our products, and the Black & White look creates a strong, easy-to-understand contrast without straining the eyes of children - just like books. We believe this look provides a great way for kids to separate important words and objects, without relying on sensory-overloading whimsical effects, thus making learning easier.

    This style also allows for implementation of critical thinking and creative exploration - key elements of our learning philosophy.


    We love color and we ensure that it is used in a way that always helps our brand. For example, our Pirate's ArrBCs: DREAMS YouTube channel combines our Black and White characters with a lush and colorful real world (1:58 mark in our Intro video).

    Another example of color helping us will be our merchandise for kids, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts - the black and white clothing will really stand out!

    A third example is free coloring pages that kids could download and color our world any way they’d like. This gives children a feeling of input and ownership of our characters, further fostering imagination, without making our brand blend in with our competitors.


    We have shown our content to boys and girls in our focus groups and they all love it. While we have had a few adults raise questions with black and white look, a very large percentage have not and kids have been incredibly receptive. They loved watching our characters get into all sorts of adventures, while able to distinguish important words and objects that we are teaching.  We welcome you to show our Pirate’s ArrBCs Teaser (linked up top) to your kids and see their reaction. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm!

    We hope this helps illustrate the many benefits of “The Rich Black & White” look for Pirate’s ArrBCs brand. We would love for you to join us on this exciting business venture and if you have any more questions or comments, we could even present you with a more detailed visual presentation!

Thank you!

- Slavik and Jack

(The Pirate's ArrBCs team)

4 years ago
Thomas Tracy
Thomas Tracy - Investor4 years ago
Thanks for your answer to Barnaby. This really helps to clarify your position and the purposeful decision to stick with the black and white distinction as brand differentiation. The credentials the team brings to the table are truly impressive and I have no doubt about the artistic and creative design aspect of what you're doing. It really does have that "stand out in the crowd" factor. I am, however, wondering if you are using an educational consultant or other means to assure that your content also engages children in ways that are developmentally appropriate and conducive for children's learning. I think having that "seal of approval" would mean a lot to investors and consumers alike (I too am a parent ... of a two year old, which is obviously a bit younger than your target demographic).

Lastly, two financial questions with apologies up front if this information is baked in somewhere and I just missed it. 1) While there can be no promises on ROI, I wonder if you could explain your ROI model and break even/profit projections. 2) What's your end goal? It is ultimately to be acquired? And what do you project you'll need to achieve the ultimate goal? $50 per share seems a bit steep and unlikely to be realized either through IPO or acquisition.

Slavik IA
Slavik IA - Issuer    

Hi Thomas,

   Thank you for your comments and we are glad you’ve found our response to our look helpful.

Here are the answers to your questions:


    Pirate’s ArrBCs’ role is to supplement the schooling and educational system by inspiring children and exciting them with new topics and subjects - our goal is never to replace an educational curriculum. We will do this by emotionally connecting children with characters and story to the various educational subjects (E.g: In Pirate’s ArrBCs: Math Island, the Pirate helps the numbers 2 and 3 grow their friends, and work together to overcome the mean bully 100. This not only will illustrate how basic addition works, but give the children a relatable story).

    Both Slavik and Jack have educators as parents and several teachers were involved in our initial focus group. As we begin developing the game-play and learning mechanics in every app, we will work together with a dedicated focus group and educators to create the best version of the app.


    Our business model will utilize revenue from the released apps, books, merchandise and YouTube content to generate a return for our investors during the first 3 years and cross-advertise each product. Projections at this early stage are too speculative to produce any tangible data; however, with the release of each app, we will be able to generate a strong projection model.


    Basing our business strategy on a ~10 year life span, we want to keep developing the brand to its utmost potential while generating revenue from as many sources as possible. We are incredibly passionate about the creativity behind Pirate’s ArrBCs and its potential as a highly scalable business. A buyout is very likely from a major player in our industry and something we wouldn’t be opposed to.


    We intend to stay a privately run, creative powerhouse and do not currently have an interest in an IPO.

We hope this answers all of your questions.

Thank you!

- Slavik and Jack

(The Pirate's ArrBCs team)

4 years ago


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