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Superior blockchain alternative using patented technology

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Closed on 03/01/21


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Valued at $1.58 per unit
Sold at a discounted price of $1 per unit.

RAIDAtech - The Next Phase


RAIDAtech is the pioneer of the use of the patented RAIDA technology.


RAIDA stands for: Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents


RAIDA is considered to be more scalable, faster, more secure, more affordable, and more eco-friendly than certain blockchain technology.


The company is focused on delivering next-generation technology solutions for various digital currencies and tokenization. The first phase of accomplishing this goal is to take an existing coin, Cloudcoin, and technically place this asset on various large scale exchanges.

Several Major Exchanges Are Ready To Go

In September RAIDAtech entered into agreements with three large exchanges to sell Cloidcoins on their respective platforms. The exchanges are, HitBTC and Changelly. Combined those 3 exchanges average approximately three billion dollars in daily trading. In addition, those three exchanges possess lists totaling 3.5 million potential coin and token buyers. Lastly, these exchanges average roughly 6 million visitors to their sites each month.


By entering into these agreements RAIDAtech will have one of its coins broadly traded and promoted throughout the world. This action will make history in that a digital currency will be powered by an alternative technology like the RAIDA which does not use the blockchain technology.


Massive Promotion Of Cloudcoin

With access to 3.5 million prospects, through email marketing, and exposure to 6 million visitors a month Cloudcoin will explode into the consciousness of millions across the globe. During the short history of crypto and digital currencies it is not uncommon to see the value of currencies skyrocket. Why? In many cases it comes down to circumstance whereby a currency gets massive and concentrated exposure. This is the plan for Cloudcoin and the technology behind a breakthrough new currency--RAIDAtech.


RAIDAtech Makes a Breakout

With the sudden rise of Cloudcoin as a new digital asset, eyes will turn to the underlying technology. RAIDAtech will be ready to broadly promote its obvious advantages over blockchain in terms of faster transaction speed, lower energy consumption and significant serenity advantages. All of these advantages can be reviewed by going to


Licensing of the underlying technology for current or future digital assets will be the focus of RAIDAtech actions.


Investment Opportunity--The RAIDAtech Revolution

Imagine if you could transport yourself back in time to when Microsoft or Apple was just starting. The valuations of those two companies were microscopic compared with their current market capitalization. This is the type of opportunity we are offering at this time. Right now RAIDAtech is making available this offer:

  • One can purchase RAIDAtech, LLC units at a price of just $1.00
  • For each LLC unit purchased 100 Cloudcoins will be provided for free as a bonus
  • The minimum purchase is just $2000
  • Investors can purchase more than $2000 worth of LLC units.


Use Of Funds

RAIDAtech is raising funds at this time to place RAIDAtech powered Cloudcoins on multiple exchanges including those listed above. In addition, the company will launch a massive promotional campaign in connection with placements of Cloudcoins on the various exchanges. Finally, RAIDAtech development efforts will be dramatically increased as refinements of the RAIDAtech technology and support requirements increase. The amounts below can be adjusted as requirements demand.


  If Target Offering Amount Sold If Maximum Offering Amount Sold
Total Proceeds $10,000.00 $535,000.00
Less: Offering Expenses
$800.00 $42,800.00
Net Proceeds $9,200.00 $492,200.00
Use of Net Proceeds    
Exchange placement fees and integration
$3,500.00 $180,000.00
Development and staffing costs
$3,000.00 $170,000.00
Promotional and publicity costs
$2,500.00 $135,000.00
General Operating Capital
$200.00 $7,200.00
Total Use of Net Proceeds
$9,200.00 $492,200.00

Risk Factors

One should understand the risks inherent in the early stage of a startup company doing business in an explosive new industry. These risks include:

  • Governmental organizations adopting regulatory rules and laws that hamper or even curtail the operations of RAIDAtech or customers that the company is working with
  • Technologies that could be developed that are superior to RAIDAtech
  • Insufficient capitalization of the company so as to restrict growth or impede it altogether
  • Technology adjustments or refinements that are ineffective or that reduce the effectiveness and workability of the underlying technology.
  • Changes in the business operations of exchanges that Cloudcoins will be placed in that restrict or even eliminate the trading of Cloudcoins on these exchanges
  • The business failure of exchanges associated with RAIDAtech operations 




Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson3 years ago

Potential Applications for RAIDA technology

The Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents is a patented, next-generation, post-blockchain and quantum-safe authentication and anti-counterfeiting protocol with hundreds of potential applications.


  • Accounting records
  • Arbitration
  • Authentications Systems
  • Baseball card / Art authentication services
  • Betting records
  • Birth certificates
  • Bonds
  • Building permits
  • Business incorporation / dissolution records
  • Business license
  • Business ownership records
  • Business transaction records
  • Car keys
  • Certifications
  • Commodities
  • Construction Management Economization
  • Contracts
  • Copyrights
  • Coupons
  • Court records
  • Credit / Reputation Tracking
  • Criminal records
  • Crowd-funding
  • Currency
  • Data records
  • Death certificates
  • Degree
  • Delivery records
  • Derivatives (futures, forwards, swaps, options)
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Digital signatures
  • Document storage
  • Documentary records (photos, audio, video)
  • Domain names
  • Economization of internal operations
  • Education: Global Transcripts, Diplomas and Certificates
  • Escrow Service
  • Escrows
  • Fantasy sports records
  • Fault-Tolerant Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Marketplaces
  • Forensic evidence
  • Genome data
  • Global Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Global Inventory Control
  • Government/non-profit accounting/transparency
  • GPS network identity
  • GPS trails (institutional)
  • GPS trails (personal)
  • Grades
  • Gun permits
  • Gun unlock codes
  • Health / Safety Inspections
  • Home / apartment keys
  • Hotel room keys
  • HR records
  • Identification of Optimal decisions
  • Identification System
  • Industrial efficiency systems
  • Land titles
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Leased cars keys
  • Locker keys
  • Marketing technologies
  • Medical records
  • Medical Records
  • Micro-charity
  • Micro-finance
  • Mortgage / loan records
  • Movie tickets
  • Non-profit records
  • Nuclear launch codes / Military applications
  • Online identities
  • Passports
  • Patents
  • Pay for Play
  • Permanent Private Records
  • Pharmaceutical Counterfeit Prevention
  • Private Chat
  • Private equities
  • Private Global Identification Systems
  • Proof of authorship
  • Public equities
  • Reduction of Risk of illness
  • Regulatory records
  • Rental car keys
  • Reservation Systems
  • Reservations
  • Safety deposit box keys
  • Sales and promotional applications
  • Secure document and package delivery
  • Secure Gift Cards
  • Servicing records
  • Signatures
  • SIM Cards
  • Social Media
  • Software licenses
  • Spam control (micro-payments for posting)
  • Spending records
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Tickets and Billing
  • Tracking the effectiveness of promotions
  • Tracking the location of things (Logistics & transportation)
  • Trademarks
  • Trading records
  • Trusts
  • Vacation home / timeshare keys
  • Vehicle registries
  • Video
  • Videogame licenses
  • Voter IDs
  • Voting records
  • Voting rights
  • Vouchers
  • Weapons unlock codes
  • Weight loss Programs
  • Wills


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Unfortunately, this securities offering is closed. For questions, please email Thanks!

Anthony Tarkowski
Anthony Tarkowski - Investor2 years ago
Can you provide any information on intercompany debt or back payments currently owed?  I asked this three months ago and received no answer. Can you please answer?
Frederick DeBonis
Frederick DeBonis - Investor2 years ago
My money has cleared and has not been invested yet? The initial investment cleared over a month ago. Not sure what is taking so long but the escrow company is holding on to my money and probably making interest with dozens of other investors money. Can someone please get back to me ASAP. I will not be investing in any other company on trucowd until this is fixed. Thank you!
Heather Yunker
Heather Yunker - Investor3 years ago
I am hoping to find answers re; reconnection. I’m not sure who to go to. Is there someone I can connect with?
Anthony Tarkowski
Anthony Tarkowski - Investor3 years ago
Are controls in place to assure investors that appropriate measures are taken to live within a budget?
Anthony Tarkowski
Anthony Tarkowski - Investor3 years ago
Can you provide any information on intercompany debt or back payments currently owed?
Suzanne Steinman
Suzanne Steinman - Investor3 years ago
I subscribed within the first hour of the raise, but due to a logistical glitch, it appears that my check won't arrive for a week to 10 days. I checked with TruCrowd as well as CloudTrust, the escrow company, and was advised that that shouldn't be a problem. Can you confirm or do you have any data to the contrary?
Richard Byrd
Richard Byrd - Investor3 years ago
what are some of the raida applications outside of cloud coin?
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hi Richard. Thanks for the question. Please see the post in the updates above.

3 years ago
Craig Reaser
Craig Reaser - Investor   
I tried to invest the $2,000. It would only let me invest $1,700 because of my income level. Now nothing seems to be happening.

3 years ago
Manuel Schamroth
Manuel Schamroth - Investor3 years ago
Hi, I have invested and selected the Wire option, and after a successful commitment, I did not get any Wire details. Can I please get the wire details so I can complete the transfer of funds into the Escrow? Thanks
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hi Manuel,
I have asked trucCrowd and/or the escrow company to contact you.

3 years ago
Morea Davis
Morea Davis - Investor3 years ago
Hi, I live abroad in the Philippines and I'm trying to follow through on an investment committed to here... but my local bank (the only banking I have, along with my PayPal) says that I can't send funds from my personal account abroad to a corporate account in the US as it "gets into trading"... we can only send to a personal account and not to a corporate account. Which seems ridiculous but they wouldn't budge.
And then we can't even send to a relative in the US (my mother), to forward it on, as it needs to come to the Escrow account from an account in my name, per the instructions here..
Any suggestions? Workarounds?
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hi Morea, I have asked truCrowd and/or the escrow company to contact you.

3 years ago
Chad Oelkers
Chad Oelkers - Investor3 years ago
I have invested but want to change the payment method, I selected by Check, would like to change to transfer? Please advise
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hi Chad. I replied to your email about this and copied truCrowd support. I hope they can resolve. Thanks!

3 years ago
Damaso Delgado
Damaso Delgado - Investor3 years ago
How can I change my commitment amount?
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hi Don. Have asked truCrowd to assist with adjusting for you and others. Perhaps they can also post the process here for everyone's benefit

3 years ago
Andrew Allocca
Andrew Allocca - Investor3 years ago
I was trying to invest but the site is not allowing me too. Has there been any issues with the site?
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hello Andrew. I understand that the servers were overwhelmed by high traffic during the first hours of this offering and hope its working now. I have asked truCrowd support to contact you.

3 years ago
Adolfo Ruiz
Adolfo Ruiz - Investor3 years ago
I'm currently stuck at, "payment waiting." Please advise where to go to proceed with payment?
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hello Adolfo. I have asked truCrowd support to reach out.

3 years ago
Maria Gaite
Maria Gaite - Investor3 years ago
Hi! I made commitment investment but my mode of payment is through check. My check will have to be mailed & might take 3 days (it used to be 3 days mailing from California to Nevada before pandemic). But, I am wondering how long is this free 100 cloudcoins free for every unit purchase? I remember during the webinar that it was mentioned for the first 60 investors. Is the count of investor depending on the actual receipt and processing of the check payment? Or is it on the hierarchy from commitment time? TruCrowd system would not allow me to cancel so I can just do bank debit payment. I called too and I was put on a voicemail. I am wondering if I should cancel and start all over?
Ace Fogerson
Ace Fogerson - Issuer    
Hi Maria. Every investor will receive the premium upon close of escrow process, so both a check or bank transfer will be fine. The offer will remain open until the 535,000 units are subscribed. I can't speak to how it works to cancel or change, but I can ask someone at truCrowd to reach out to you.

3 years ago
Maria Gaite
Maria Gaite - Investor   
Thank you, Ace. Mailing the check now. Stay safe & blessed!

3 years ago


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