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Rogue Space Systems Corporation

A revolutionary satellite servicing company, which is drawing attention from both NASA and the U.S. Air Force

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Who are we

The World’s First Interplanetary Infrastructure Services Provider


Imagine if you were given the opportunity to invest in SpaceX (5) years ago. Welcome to a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to invest in a space startup with an even greater market opportunity...


We’ve identified a massive and untapped market opportunity to provide essential services to the Global Space Economy. Did you know that the satellites and systems in space are valued at over $1 Trillion?!?


Satellite failures are frequent and expensive, and until now, satellite manufacturers and operators have had limited capabilities to observe, inspect, and service their satellites while operating in orbit. Welcome to Rogue! We are bringing orbital services to the New Space Age. 


What we do 


At Rogue, we’re developing Orbital Robots (OrbotsTM) that will service satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) for:

  • Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO)
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Orbital Transfer Services 


Our product solutions benefit our customers with:
Rogue's orbital service offerings increase the lifespan of satellites, benefitting operators.
Rogue's AI Autonomous Orbot™ will mitigate ground support costs and make on-demand decisions when the timing is crucial.
Rogue's orbital services will enable satellite operators to repair their space assets while in space, which will result in millions of dollars' worth of savings by not having to replace entire satellites.
Rogue's orbital services will provide a "AAA" type of service to in-orbit satellites and will mitigate space insurers having to make large payouts every time simple repair issues take place such as a broken antenna.



Achievement & Traction




Business Model





Use of Funds

Rogue Space Systems is seeking to raise $1.07M, which will be used to finance Rogue's build of our first Orbot, Laura-1, for our mission with the US Air Force / US Space Force and NASA.


Demonstration & Commissioning Launch 2022: Rogue's Laura-1 OrbotTM, is scheduled to launch in June of 2022, and will demonstrate Rogue's inspection, observation, and maneuvering capabilities while conducting science and research for our US Government Sponsors and Partners. This initial mission lays the foundation for the development of both our Charlie and Fred Orbots over the next two years.


Near-Term Development Roadmap: Laura-1 is the first step in the development of our services infrastructure that Rogue will provide to the space market. Next, comes robotics and transport capabilities that expand and support our growth. This development path keeps Rogue in pace with the growing market demand of the space industry.




Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Hello All!

First, thank you all for your support and investment into Rogue Space Systems!  We are happy to announce that after hitting a number of major milestones and funding objectives, Rogue is closing up the crowdfunding portion of this initial raise.

We are going to keep this open for a few more days, but the round is closing soon! So, if you would like to get in on this incredible opportunity to join our community, now is the time to join us!

As always, contact us with any questions or if there is any information you would like us to explain.

Thank you again!



Jeromy Grimmett

Founder & CEO, Rogue Space Systems Corporation

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Check out Rogue CEO's article in the July/August issue of Satellite Evolution Group's Global Military Communications edition on "Bolstering US military defense capabilities in areas of observation and space-based defense mechanisms"

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago
We're thrilled to announce has selected Rogue Space as its featured space startup
Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago


We're pleased to work with AGI, an Ansys Company, for our Orbot™ Spacecraft Program's Simulation Software


Read the full release:

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago


Check out Rogue Space CEO's chat with Total Space Network where he talks company culture, orbital Robots, and hotels in space:


Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago


Hotels in Space??? Rogue is pleased to announce today that our Laura OrbotsTM will provide observation and inspection services to Orbital Assembly for their upcoming 2023 P-STAR Mission to launch construction technologies for the first low gravity space hotel.

Check out the full release:

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Real-life Star Wars R2-D2 robots? Check out Rogue CEO's interview on the "Space Matters" show hosted by Rhonda Stevenson and learn more about how Rogue Space is developing real-life R2-D2 OrbotsTM

Space Matters w/ Rogue on YouTube

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Check out Rogue CEO's interview on "Space Robots" on the Your Journey to Space podcast WATCH NOW

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago


Wednesday, June 30th at 1pm PDT

Join Live Facebook Event with Rogue

Got Space Robots? Join Rogue Space's CEO, Jeromy Grimmett, and special guests to learn more about Rogue's space robots (Orbots) program and opportunities to join the Rogue community. Beam yourself up to this intergalactic space party!
Special Guests:
Christian Berczely, Rogue Investor
Austin "The Intern"
*Batteries not included 
Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

We're pleased to announce today that Rogue Space now accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum from investors on our crowdfunding offering on “I started Rogue Space because I wanted to build a community. Equity crowdfunding is the ultimate personification of building that community, by tapping into the people and passions that surrounds space,” adds Jeromy Grimmett, Rogue Space CEO. “By adding Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency as an investment option to our offering, we are further empowering individuals, both accredited and non-accredited investors, to have ownership and participate in the Rogue Space community. Our hope is that all investors will have a true sense of inclusion and that we give everyone an opportunity to join us on this adventure into space. After all, space is and should be for everyone.”

Continue reading today's press announcement:

Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Hello Rogue Family!

Just wanted to give you all a link to our new promo video showing what our Laura Orbot can do!  Great things are on the horizon, lots of traction, big news coming very soon!

Enjoy the video:

Thank you all for the support!



Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago
Hello Rogue Family,
The engagement and opportunities with both Defense and Commerical customers have been moving Rogue at breakneck speeds these past couple of months. We are under a number of Confidentiality Agreements, but in the coming weeks and months, we are going to have some pretty amazing news to share. The support and encouragement from you and the entire Rogue Community has been overwhelming and has really been a driving force to the success we've had this year.
With all of that being said, a few quick exciting announcements and updates I’d like to share with you:
1. On March 25th, we signed a cooperation agreement for systems integration and engineering of Rogue’s OrbotTM Spacecraft Programs with NanoAvionics. We selected NanoAvionics to be our primary provider for hardware, systems engineering, and integration services for our Laura, Charlie, and Fred Orbot™ programs. These programs will include both demonstration missions currently planned for 2022 and the follow-on deployment of the servicing fleet consisting of over 40 Orbots™ through 2025.
2. On May 19th, we signed another cooperation agreement with Dawn Aerospace where we have selected Dawn Aerospace as our partner for our spacecraft propulsion systems. The first project in this partnership is focused on a 6-axis Reaction Control System (RCS) for our Laura, Charlie, Fred, and Bob Orbot™ spacecraft programs. The resulting spacecraft(s) will include demonstration programs and missions as well as the deployment of Rogue's Orbots™ destined to reside in LEO, MEO, GEO, and Cislunar.
These two partnerships were essential in keeping us on target for our 2022 demo launch and our product development timeline.
On behalf of the entire Rogue team, thank you once again for your support!
Warmest Regards,
Jeromy Grimmett
Founder & CEO
Rogue Space Systems
Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Hello Fellow Rogues!

We are starting a pretty heavy PR campaign and are due to make some very exciting announcements in the coming days and weeks.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page, Like us and recommend us to your friends and family to help spread the word!  You can also find us on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter!

The Rogue Team will be doing a series of Facebook Live events over the next few months, starting next week 3/18/2021 at 6PM EST.  Be sure to tune in! We'll be taking questions and giving away some Rogue swag to our watchers and listeners.  This will give you and other space and Rogue enthusiasts an opportunity to ask us questions, get to know us and find out about all the exciting work we’re doing here at Rogue and learn more about the space industry.

Also, be sure to tune into these upcoming podcasts where I (Jeromy Grimmett) will be the featured guest to talk about Rogue and all the amazing work we’re doing here:

3/23/2021 @ 11AM EST – Space Business:

4/20/2021 @ 10PM EST – The Space Show:

For reference, here are links to our various social media platforms:

As always thank you for your support!



Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Hello Fellow Rogues!

We were just featured by the NH SBDC and I thought I might share with you all!

Thank you again for your support!



Jeromy Grimmett
Jeromy Grimmett2 years ago

Dearest Rogue Family & Friends,


Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season. I'm writing with an update and an expression of gratitude.  Michael Pica and I began this journey early in 2019 and officially established Rogue in July of 2020.  We have accomplished so much in such a short time!


To say that 2020 was challenging would be an understatement. We have been fortunate to make it through safe and healthy. I am humbled and genuinely grateful for all of the guidance and support you've provided throughout this year.  Here are a few Rogue highlights:


  • Drashti Patel and Trisha Navidzadeh were our first full-time hires onto the Rogue team.  Drashti as our Sensor Engineer and Trisha as our VP of Business Development.  These two amazing women have added so much value to our team and accomplished so much in such a very short time.  Drashti has accelerated our sensor integration, and Trisha has already made in-roads into several potential partners and potential customers.


  • Just this past week, Evan Aguirre, Ph.D. has accepted our offer to become a Principal Scientist with Rogue Space Systems! Evan will lead our research and development into plasma propulsion specifically designed to work with our Orbots. He will be working with our existing partners and resources to help advance this incredible technology which is part of our long-term strategy.


  • Our team of founders has taken on a new co-founder, Michael Halperin as our Chief Strategy Officer. He has a long history of executive management, corporate development and is a certified Implementer of the Entrepreneur Operating System.  Michael will be working to develop our leadership team and executive staff, as well as heading our business and revenue model implementation.  Rogue is growing quickly and advancing toward revenue generation at a rapid pace.  Michael’s guidance will ensure that we reach profitability quickly and our margins stay wide.


Not long after launching our CrowdFunding campaign on Trucrowd, we received our biggest news; we now have our completed and signed Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).  This agreement provides Rogue three years of scientific and engineering support, and most importantly free launches to space through the Department of Defense Space Test Program in cooperation with NASA.  This was achieved in record time! A big thank you to our COO Jon Beam for bringing this home for us!


Rogue has had a great deal of success in this past year. There are official press releases and some very big news on the horizon. None of it would be possible without this unbelievable team and your support! This business venture is more than just making money, it is about building a community of like-minded individuals so we can deliver unparalleled and leading edge solutions into space! We are all very proud to be on this journey with you!


On behalf of the entire Rogue team, thank you once again for your support. May you and your families all continue to be happy, healthy and safe in the New Year!


Warmest Regards,


Jeromy Grimmett

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Nicholas Marino
Nicholas Marino - Investor2 years ago
Really cool stuff! Glad I came across this yesterday before closing today. Will be investing and wishing Rogue the best of luck in the coming SpaceRace
Sandra F Saucier
Sandra F Saucier - Investor3 years ago
Trying to show minimum investment in Rogue


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