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Who are we

Seize the opportunity to invest in our innovative solutions shaping the FUTURE OF SOCIAL INTERACTION.


Introducing Destiny Robotics, a pioneering company that combines cutting-edge AI and robotics to create life-enhancing home companions. We are on a mission to combat loneliness and redefine human connection in the digital era.



We are addressing a critical and pervasive issue affecting millions worldwide: LONELINESS.


43% of adults and 80% of children suffer from chronic feelings of isolation, leading to severe mental health consequences. Loneliness has become a silent epidemic, with its impact reaching far beyond the individual.


Recent studies have linked chronic loneliness to a 40% increase in dementia risk, premature death, and a host of mental health issues. This invisible crisis does not discriminate by age, affecting people across all stages of life. The need for a solution to combat loneliness and restore mental well-being has never been more urgent.



  1. Addressing Loneliness

Destiny Robotics will leverage AI and cutting-edge technologies to develop humanoid robots capable of understanding and responding to human emotions, allowing for personalized interactions and companionship, ultimately reducing loneliness and promoting mental well-being.


  1. Catering to Diverse Needs

Destiny will serve various individuals, including the physically handicapped, the elderly, children, and busy family members, adapting to unique needs.


  1. Fostering Emotional Connections

Destiny will perform tasks efficiently and establish genuine emotional connections, addressing the core of the loneliness crisis.


  1. Bridging the Gap

Destiny Robotics is committed to redefining human connection by bridging the gap between humans and technology professionally and engagingly.


  1. Creating a World Without Loneliness

Realizing our vision = cultivating a world where companionship is within reach for all, and loneliness fades into history.



It all started like this: 


We worked a lot to improve design:




🚀 100x better durability

🚀 Loved by users

🚀 Improved conversational AI

Presently, we have developed our first humanoid robot bust prototype - Destiny 1. This innovative creation encompasses advanced robotics systems, in-depth cameras with 240-degree vision, motor controls, machine perception (including human faces, emotions, and gestures), natural language processing, conversational AI, and sophisticated path algorithms. These cutting-edge features enable Destiny to engage in meaningful conversations and forge deep connections with humans.

Where are we headed? 


Building on the insights and experience gained from crafting the humanoid robot bust with a streamlined design, our next step is to develop a complete humanoid body. This enhancement will not only improve Destiny's interaction potential but also equip it with physical capabilities, such as walking and providing physical assistance in various everyday tasks, further elevating the user experience.

Achievement & Traction
  • 💰Our pre-orders represent a potential value of $188,700, offering tailored options for users to understand better which tasks require further refinement to serve those in need. 


  • 🏆Our world-class team consists of experts who worked at Tesla, Huawei, ABB, and the University of Cambridge.


  • 🦾Within our first year, we achieved a 100X improvement in the durability of the robot's structure. 


  • ☘️We solve the problem of loneliness experienced by 43% of adults and 80% of kids.


  • 📣We developed an advanced conversational model with an optimized design that boasts 60% greater reliability than our initial design.

  • 🧩We conducted over 520 prospective user interviews, which guided us towards a more user-centric approach and helped us identify the most pressing needs of our customers.

  • 🚀Our company has received support from prestigious programs like Google for Startups and NVIDIA Inception.


  • 💸We aim to revolutionize the burgeoning humanoid robot market, which has the potential to be worth hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars.



The market we operate in is vast and expanding rapidly. Addressable market size for humanoid robots ranging from hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars. 


This growth is driven by the increasing demand for automation and the need for companionship and assistance across various sectors.


The market for humanoid robots is poised for significant growth, as they find applications in various areas such as home assistance, childcare, culinary support, caregiving, and companionship. Our unique solution, Destiny, is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and cater to the diverse needs of customers worldwide.


#DestinyHomeAssistant #DestinyBabysitter #DestinyChef #DestinyCaregiver #DestinyCompanion


While we do have competitors in the market, our unique approach sets us apart and allows us to offer innovative solutions in a blue ocean space. Our primary focus is on people and companionship, and we aim to develop every possible aspect of companionship through our humanoid robots.




Destiny Robotics stands out from the competition due to the unparalleled depth of human-like interactions our at-home humanoid assistants can provide. Unlike other at-home assistants, which often resemble boxes or other inanimate objects, Destiny's human-like appearance fosters more meaningful connections with users.


By combining our dedication to companionship and our commitment to human-centered design, we are confident in our ability to carve out a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing humanoid robot market.

Business Model

Our approach to generating revenue involves a combination of efficient manufacturing processes and multiple revenue streams. Here's how we plan to make money:


Our revenue streams include:


Sales of Destiny 1 - the humanoid robot bust: This product targets customers who require a conversational AI companion with various capabilities, but not necessarily physical assistance.


Sales of Destiny 2 - the full-size humanoid robot: This advanced version of Destiny offers additional features and abilities, making it suitable for customers in need of both conversational companionship and physical assistance.


We aim to generate revenue by Destiny sales per household!

  • We will use polymers as the primary material for constructing Destiny's body. Polymers are not only easy and cost-effective to mold, but they also allow for a rapid and affordable manufacturing process.
  • By manufacturing our products in Germany, we can significantly reduce development and production costs compared to those in the United States.



Megi Kavtaradze



Serial Entrepreneur, Forbes 30 Under 30 - led building platforms that had 100s of clients.



Lela Mirtskhulava

Chief Scientist, Ph.D.


Associate Professor and Lecturer. Visiting Professor at University of

Cambridge and University of California, Berkeley.

Irakli Datashvili

Senior Software Engineer


Worked at HSBC, Motorola, and ABB

Erekle Shishniashvili

Senior AI Engineer


Machine Learning Research work experience at Huawei

George Qotolashvili

Head of Marketing


Product Marketing at Tesla


Use of Funds

42% Product Development: Funds will go toward improving humanoid robots' features, researching new technologies, and ensuring quality and performance.


38% Business Development: We'll invest in marketing, sales, partnerships, and customer acquisition to grow and expand our company, reach new markets, and drive sales.


13% Operations: Funds will cover staff, office space, equipment, and operational expenses for efficient operations and to meet customer expectations.


7% Intermediary Fees: This portion covers fees for intermediaries like crowdfunding platform TruCrowd.


Join us in creating a future of smart companionship! Be a part of the Robotics Revolution!


Megi Kavtaradze
Megi Kavtaradzea month ago

Destiny Robotics Annual Report

Dear Valued Investors,

We are excited to announce that Destiny Robotics has filed its annual report for the year of 2022. We invite you to review the report and gain insights into our company's performance, financials, and accomplishments over the past year. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further clarification on any aspect of the report.

We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made, which would not have been possible without your unwavering support and confidence in our vision. Our team at Destiny Robotics remains committed to innovation, growth, and excellence in the field of robotics. We are dedicated to improving cutting-edge solutions that create value for our customers and shareholders alike.

As we continue our journey, we look forward to sharing more achievements and milestones with you. Your support has been instrumental in shaping our success, and we are eager to maintain the momentum as we strive for greater heights in the coming years.

Please find the annual report on the link:

Thank you once again for your trust and partnership. We greatly appreciate your involvement and look forward to a prosperous future together.

Warm regards,

Destiny Robotics

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