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A Marketplace for Recruiting Diverse Talent


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A Marketplace for Hiring Diverse Freelance Talent

Minority Founders | Female Founder | Human Capital, HR, Freelance, Future Of Work, Gig Economy, Diversity & Inclusion


Invest in is a human capital marketplace that provides businesses with a way to find and hire diverse-- contingent, contract, freelance or consultant-based talent, located in the US and abroad.



The Incluzion marketplace is designed to provide companies with access to the on-demand skills needed to grow its operations.  Skills like marketing, web development, design, content creation and more


Incluzion is also designed to provide women, who make up nearly two-thirds of U.S. Freelancers (69%) and other underrepresented freelance talent, with the ability to work from anywhere, the option to choose enjoyable work, and more flexibility for work-life balance.  



Deal Highlights:

  • First to market with a platform that focuses on freelance "professionals of color" and women freelance professionals
  • $47K previously raised from Spendwith Corp supporters through Startengine.
  • An upcoming pilot with a global e-commerce company that sells cloud computing services.
  • Upcoming pilots with select coding boot camps to encourage recent graduates to join Incluzion as freelancers.
  • Founding team with 18 years of experience in entrepreneurship, 20 years of corporate executive HR experience, digital media agency experience, participation in 2 pre-accelerators, 2 startup incubators, 1 startup boot camp and 1 coding boot camp. 
  • Featured in UrbanGeekz Magazine

Freelancing is the workforce model of the future. 

In the US, 57 million freelance professionals collectively earn $1.4 trillion each year performing freelance, project, contract, consultant, contingent, or independent based work. It is projected that 30 million additional professionals are estimated to become freelancers over the next 10 years, making freelancing the primary way people in the US will earn a living.   Incluzion has emerged as the only diversity-focused platform that facilitates work between companies, women freelance professionals and freelance professionals of color.



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Companies are hiring freelancers on Incluzion right now!


Daniel Fitch, CEO of Natural Leaders Media.  Daniel requested a freelance video editor through Incluzion.  Click the video to hear his experience.

It was crunch time for Go Together, Inc founder Kimberly Moore.  Moore is a tech startup founder that was scheduled to pitch her rideshare app CarpooltoSchool at SXSW in just a few days.  And although she could have used another freelancing platform or asked her social media network for help, Kimberly wanted to connect with a diverse person like herself. Therefore, she turned to Incluzion and requested a freelancer through the platform to design a winning pitch deck. 


Kimberly M. was presented with several candidates but ultimately chose front-end developer and designer, Kimberly Harris.  Harris is employed as a software development intern and wanted to supplement her income.  Kimberly H. was able to reply to the request with a fee she was comfortable with and   Kimberly M's budget.  After Kimberly M. (the client) uploaded the payment to escrow, Kimberly H. (the freelancer) promptly completed and returned the finished pitch deck. After Kimberly M marked the job as complete, Kimberly H. was distributed payment minus the 10% Incluzion platform fee. The result: Kimberly Moore won $10,000 at SXSW for her pitch!!!

Achievement & Traction

Incluzion's secret sauce? A diverse pipeline of talent. 

Why Focus on Diversity?

Organizations with a diverse workforce have more ideas for solving service, sourcing, and allocation of resources. Employees from diverse backgrounds bring individual talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that are flexible in adapting to fluctuating markets and customer demands.


 A diverse collection of skills and experiences (e.g. languages, problem-solving skills, cultural understanding) will allow Incluzion to provide service to customers on a global basis.


Social Impact Problems

● Global competition from freelance talent using aggressive outreach 

● Studies indicate bias exists on existing platforms for freelance talent 

● Studies indicate female freelancers earn 30% less than male freelancers


Social Impact Solutions

● Eliminate the pipeline & talent pool excuse regarding diverse talent.

● Provide a technology that will empower marginalized groups in the USwith the ability to innovate in their careers as freelance professionals.

● Create partnerships that drive a diverse “Future of Work”.

View our Diversity Initiatives whitepaper


Source 1 | Source 2


The US workforce is experiencing a major shift.


51% of the workforce will be freelancers by 2027



Most corporations will only consist of executives by 2025



Business Model

How Incluzion works.


1. Submit a Request

After creating an account, submit a request for a freelancer or agency. Meet a pre-vetted option within 1 business day.


2. Hire the Best Fit

Review candidates and have a 15-20 minute interview. Then hire the best candidate for your project.

3. Milestones/Chat

Use Incluzion's platform to set payment milestones of the job, chat with freelancer, share files and more.

4. Pay Securely

Money is held in escrow and only released to the freelancer when milestones are approved.




Jibril Sulaiman Maxine CainCalvin Cottrell are textbook examples of co-founders with diverse but complementary skills. Serial entrepreneur Sulaiman has the hustle mentality of a founder determined to leave a legacy. Cain climbed the corporate ladder to an executive HR management role at Verizon Wireless.  And Cottrell operated his own digital media agency in addition to providing freelance-based services. 


8 years ago Jibril used a hiring practice only now starting to be used by fortune 500 companies like GM and GE to launch his first tech startup, Pay Sell Co.  He spent over half a million dollars hiring freelance talent for legal work, accounting, app/web development, design, voice-overs, video editing and more. He was able to scale that company to #484 in the 2016 Inc. 5000 for 700% growth and $9.8M in sales. Before his venture in the startup world, Jibril was the owner of several retail wireless stores, achieving $3.6M in yearly sales.  As a board member for his hometown's African American Chamber of Commerce, Jibril applied his experience in entrepreneurship to the real world problem of improving the economic conditions for Black-owned businesses in Pensacola, FL. 

Maxine Cain is a Senior Human Resources leader and entrepreneurial personality known for changing the way employees live, work and play and doing work that matters by making breakthroughs in STEM, interactive entertainment, digital media, Internet of Things, and broadband services for customers in the telecommunications and technology industry.


Maxine is a strategic business leader, possessing the ability and passion to influence with and without authority; to coach, counsel, mentor, and develop employees and business leaders at all levels. She is a business leader with a high degree of business acumen, leadership development, employee engagement, change management and alignment of HR with organizational strategy.  Maxine has nineteen years of “across the board” experience in human resources, human capital management, employee relations, diversity and inclusion, staffing, recruiting, customer operations, research, budget analysis, financial planning and executive reporting. 


Maxine was responsible for delivering industry-leading human resources and organizational results across 2000+ employees at Verizon Wireless in the Southeast/Atlanta region. She created and executed HR strategies and programs to deliver an exceptional customer experience, employee experience, and company performance.


Calvin started his entrepreneurial journey selling Jordans on ebay in 2006 at the age of 15. After not being able to complete his tenure at Howard due to the high cost of attendance in 2012 he founded @SupportHBCUs. SupportHBCUs is an initiative to help HBCU students complete their programs and get their degree from an HBCU by providing scholarships to the students. In 2017 Calvin joined a startup roofing company in Plano, Texas and used his unorthodox marketing style helped them become a nationally recognized Top 100 roofing company in less than 3 years. 

Use of Funds

Incluzion, powered by Spendwith Corp, is seeking investments to scale its competitive advantage as the only diversity-focused platform connecting freelance professionals-of-color, women freelance professionals and companies seeking to hire diverse talent. 


This investment round will fund the initial development of AI integration for skills matching and block-chain integration for escrowed payments.


Jibril Sulaiman
Jibril Sulaimana month ago

Here's the Origin Story of, the first diversity-focused freelance marketplace in the industry. This snippet from a recent interview.

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