How does truCrowd work?
Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019 10:47

  1. Create your user account and your company profile

  2. Upload your business plan. In case you don't have it we recommend format.

  3. Sign the onboarding agreement - which lays out the terms of the agreement between TruCrowd and your company, traditionally a nonrefundable listing fee of $3,500 and a success fee of up to 12% of funds raised.

  4. Based on the business plan we will create a startup valuation (17 pages). We provide a free business valuation. Here is how the valuation report will look like.

  5. Create your Offering page on

  6. Set up the escrow - setting up the escrow account comes with a $500 setup fee. Anybody that owns more than 20% in the startup and the executive team has to have a "bad actor" check ran on them. Here is how the SEC defines it. There is a cost for each "control person."  The pricing of the check is as follows: $45 for US based persons and entities, $100 for International persons, and $160 for International entities.


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