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What is truCrowd

The funding portal for all Americans


A new way to raise capital for your business

There are over 28 million startups in the US, of which 38% have no access to traditional funding methods, and 245 million non-accredited investors that under the new Reg. CF can invest in exchange for securities. With truCrowd both can connect and together create the future.


A new way to diversify your investment portfolio

So far, investing in startups required high income and high investing amounts. Today, anyone can own securities issued by startups they like for as little as $100. Get involved in building products and services you need, while supporting the American economy.

Why truCrowd

Entrepreneurs and great ideas are shaping the future.
We do support them.

Support throughout the process

Free business valuation

Market validation & brand ambassadors

Intellectual property protection

Low upfront fees

No monthly payments

Get capital steps

Create Account

Sign up with just your name, e-mail address and zip code. Then add your personal information

Set Up Company Profile

We complete a background check to make sure your company is legitimate

Create Offering

Business plan, valuation, pitch, Form C and offering statement, escrow

Get Listed

First 21 days investment commitments

Manage Campaign

Invite contacts, promote, engage with potential investors

Receive Funds/Issue Securities

Receive money from investors and issue securities

Stay in Touch!

Sign up with just your name, e-mail address and zip code. Then add your personal information

Why truCrowd

Invest, diversify, earn. Be part of the future.

Support throughout the process

Integrated communication channels

No high income requirement

Share your expertise and skills with entrepreneurs

Free service

Investing steps

Create Account

Simple set up with just your name, e-mail address and zip code

Browse & Follow Offerings

Engage with entrepreneurs. Engage with investors. Analyze information

Complete Personal Info

So we can verify your identity

Complete Financial Info

Set up your financial information

Add Money to Your Account

Transfer money into your investor account

Purchase Securities

Invest in companies you like and become a security holder

Stay in Touch!

Receive updates and support the companies

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