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How can I promote my offering?

There are several ways to engage the investor community:
  1. Invite your social media contacts to your Profile Page on truCrowd. They will be able to see your offering information. Make sure you include your page URL in your post.
  2. Promote your offering on your website, blog, social media and other online channels.
  3. Post often updates and information about the offering on your Offering page (Q&A section). When you post something, the people following your company will receive the update over email.
  4. Encourage your friends, family, potential customers/users/partners and prospective investors to follow your company on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
  5. Create educational blog articles post about your business, your products, and services.
  6. Link your blog to your business profile so we can suggest fresh content for your profile page.
  7. Follow up immediately with any investor who contacts you on your offering page. Make sure all communications are made via truCrowd – as the law requires.
  8. Lease, rent or purchase quality investor databases that have email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., addresses, so you can send emails to them subject to the limits of the advertising rules we discussed here.