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How does truCrowd work?


  1. Create your user account and your company profile
  2. Upload your business plan. In case you don’t have it we recommend format.
  3. Sign the onboarding agreement – which lays out the terms of the agreement between TruCrowd and your company, traditionally a nonrefundable listing fee of $3,500 and a success fee of up to 12% of funds raised.
  4. Based on the business plan we will create a startup valuation (17 pages). We provide a free business valuation. Here is how the valuation report will look like.
  5. Create your Offering page on
  6. Set up the escrow – setting up the escrow account comes with a $500 setup fee. Anybody that owns more than 20% in the startup and the executive team has to have a “bad actor” check ran on them. Here is how the SEC defines it. There is a cost for each “control person.”  The pricing of the check is as follows: $45 for US based persons and entities, $100 for International persons, and $160 for International entities.