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Can I complete the offering earlier?

Early completion of offering is possible.
If an issuer reaches the target offering amount prior to the deadline identified in its offering materials, the issuer may close the offering on a date earlier than the deadline identified in its offering materials provided that:
  • (1) The offering remains open for a minimum of 21 days;
  • (2) The intermediary provides notice to any potential investors, and gives or sends notice to investors that have made investment commitments in the offering, of:
  • (i) The new, anticipated deadline of the offering;
  • (ii) The right of investors to cancel investment commitments for any reason until 48 hours prior to the new offering deadline; and
  • (iii) Whether the issuer will continue to accept investment commitments during the 48- hour period prior to the new offering deadline.
  • (3) The new offering deadline is scheduled for and occurs at least five business days after the notice provided; and
  • (4) At the time of the new offering deadline, the issuer continues to meet or exceed the target offering amount.