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Integrated Communication Tools

1.) What are integrated communication channels?

Our integrated communication channels allow both investors and entrepreneurs to communicate with other entrepreneurs and investors.   We offer chat and forum posts. Our communication tool has Twitter-like capabilities where you can include someone in the conversation by tagging them. Simply include their ^handle. The tagged user will receive a notification email when mentioned in a post.

2.) How can I see updates on offerings I follow?

You can see updates on offerings you follow in two different ways: a. You will receive updates on all offerings you follow through truCrowd’s centralized news feed. Our centralized news feed is similar to social media pages. It aggregates all updates from offerings you are following, offerings you have pledged to, as well as comments and discussions related to these offerings. b. You can go to the pages of specific offerings and see all of their updates on the timeline.  You can post the offering you like on your social media channels and invite all your connections to join you on your investing adventure on the truCrowd platform. They can be invited either to see your profile page or a particular offering you find interesting. In both cases make sure to introduce the offering’s URL or your page URL in your post.