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Upfront Fees

TruCrowd charges a non-refundable $3,500 listing fee. When your offering gets funded, TruCrowd will charge a success fee of up to 12% from the total amount raised. If your offering doesn’t gets funded TruCrowd will not charge the success fee. TruCrowd does not charge any management or transaction-based fees and does not take a share of the profits of successful investment because we don’t want to be a parasite on the back of your company. To launch your crowdfunding campaign, there are some necessary steps you have to go through: creating an escrow account, bad actor check and hire a stock transfer agent. The services are provided by our third-party service providers and the fees are:
  1. Escrow Agent: $500 will be paid before starting the campaign to open escrow account.
  2. Before having your offering listed on TruCrowd US, each “control person” involved with your company will require a “Bad Actor Check” or BAC, the cost of the BAC is $45 for US based persons and entities, $100 for International persons, and $160 for International entities
  3. Transfer Agent: We require each issuer selling preferred or common stock to use a SEC registered transfer agent (TA) that keeps records of the shares. truCrowd does not receive any compensation from these Transfer Agent. The requirement does not apply to issuers raising money through SAFE agreements.